Your DNA Guide Webinar Series

with Diahan Southard

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  • DNA Ethnicity Estimates: How to Actually Use Them!
  • Organize Your DNA Matches Simply and Efficiently
  • Test. Analyze. Repeat: Long-term DNA Strategies for Success

Each live webinar lasts about 40 minutes, plus time for questions. You will receive access to a recording afterward, even if you can’t attend live. Live attendees receive a handout summarizing the talk and packed with “next steps” learning links and resources.

Each webinar covers a specific aspect of DNA testing that will have you taking action with your DNA test results to find the connections and answers you have been looking for! One signup will get you access to all four webinars: attend whichever ones you like.

DNA Ethnicity Estimates: How to Actually Use Them!

DNA ethnicity estimates have come a long way–and you should know how to understand and USE them. You’ll learn the 4 factors that define them and how to discover which company might provide the best ethnicity results for you; how to hone in the most accurate parts of ethnicity results; and how these estimates can help you with your genealogy. 

Organize Your DNA Matches Simply and Efficiently

DNA match lists can be overwhelming. But somewhere in that list may be the matches who can help you answer your questions. You’ll learn how (and why) to start organizing your matches in a way that will help you discover your Best Mystery Matches: those matches that are likely to lead you to an ancestral discovery. We will talk about how to find these matches simply, just using available tools to search for these matches one-by-one. We will talk about efficiently finding your Best Known Matches using the Shared Matches tool and the creating of genetic networks. Don’t miss this! 

Test. Analyze. Repeat: Long-term DNA Strategies for Success

Your DNA test results are like you: they get better with age. Really! Over time, your DNA test results will have even more to tell you. Your ethnicity results will keep improving. New matches may appear. New ways of identifying your connections to your matches will emerge. And the more people you test, the better. Recent advances mean there is even MORE power in combining test results of your parents, siblings, cousins, and other close relatives. Come to this webinar, and walk away with fresh insight, strategies and excitement for how your DNA test results will continue to work for you in 2023 and beyond.

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