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In order for most good ideas to get off the ground and actually become more than just a thought, you need words. You need to be able to explain your idea to others. You need to generate interest and excitement. So far, the era of personal genomics has succeeded in turning this idea, that your DNA could be unlocked and mined for clues as to your origins, health, and even technology, into an enterprise. This enterprise has universal appeal across ages, genders, and cultures.

But while it has been successful in convincing people that your DNA is the key to so many things, it is falling woefully short on exactly what all of this data means, and how to use it in your everyday life. The goal of Your DNA Guide is to help lead you through this commercialized realm of personal genomics. Starting with genetic genealogy, the application of genetics to your family history research, the team at Your DNA Guide will offer commentary, imagery, and explanations that will help you understand what you need, where to get it, and how to use it once you have it.

Initially our blog posts will fall into one of five categories:



There are so many new words involved in this industry from autosomal to Y-STR. Beyond the lexicon there are ideas to tackle including DNA matching, chromosome browsing, and shared centimorgans. Not all of these words or ideas are need-to-know, and we will walk you through each of them, providing information for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced genetic genealogist.



Change is exciting, and innovation is one of the best kinds of change. But too often our testing companies are updating or changing their websites making us feel like once we have finally figured out how to access something, they change it. We will keep you up-to-date on all of the goings-on, so you can feel right at home anytime you want to take a look at your test results.



Everyone has a story to tell. We meet with many people in a one-on-one consultation setting that provides us with the chance to hear all of the varied accounts of how ordinary people are using this technology to make progress on their family history goals. We will often feature their case studies with the hope that we can all learn from each other as we go out looking for our ancestors.



There is a quite a bit of overlap between the genetic genealogy world and the science of using personal genomics to shape our healthcare. The data file generated by your genetic genealogy company contains not only clues to uncovering your 2nd great grandmother, but also tidbits about your health. Therefore, it is wise to understand the role these files can have in your health, so you can better safeguard and utilize your results.



The use of the genetic genealogy database Gedmatch in recent criminal investigations has thrust genetic genealogy ethics into the forefront of discussion for not just genetic genealogy circles, but many others. We will follow this topic, the ideas and advancements that will surely impact the future of not only the genetic genealogy industry, but others.

But mostly, we just want to make something simple, fun, and bite-sized for you to read and enjoy. We want to create a place for you to ask questions and refer back to as you advance in your own goals and understanding of personal genomics. This is our commitment to you. Together we can navigate Your DNA.

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