Get Expert DNA Advice with our CLASSIC Mentoring Package

Do you feel like your DNA is not revealing all that it could about your heritage? Or perhaps you have looked at your DNA test results, but aren’t sure what they’re telling you. Your DNA Guide can help unearth the story in your DNA. We will help you interpret the DNA, so you will have a better idea of how to do the genealogy.

The Classic Package puts you live one-on-one with a DNA expert who can answer your questions about your DNA test results or verify that your research is headed in the right direction. Your expert can address whatever topics you choose. You can share computer screens to explore your test results: origins and ethnicIty reports, DNA matches and other features of the DNA test results and company website. Or, if you already have some experience working with DNA matches, our expert will meet you where you are in your DNA discovery process; help verify what you have accomplished; and discuss next steps.

You will receive a summary email from your conversation, as well as a recorded copy of your video consultation, so you can remember what you learned and navigate through your next genetic genealogy chapter.

DNA test not included.

The Classic Mentoring Package is $149.

Here’s what Mentoring Customers are saying:

Worth every penny. You have done more in 20 minutes with a DNA match than we’ve done in 20 years.

Rona Saunders

Diahan Southard helped me decide which Y-ch test I should buy for 2 distant cousins and the test was perfect to answer my question.

Walter Clinton

Thank you! Now I have some direction.

Juli Bulleigh

You and Your DNA Guide can explore your specific questions or any of the following:

  • Am I headed in the right direction with my research?
  • Why do I see places in my DNA report that I don’t recognize?
  • How come I don’t see places in my DNA that I know I have ancestors from?
  • Is it important to look at the DNA cousins I already know?
  • How can I learn more about the DNA cousins I don’t know?
  • Should I be concerned about my privacy?
  • Should I participate in research projects at my testing company?
  • How do I use my YDNA or mtDNA results?
  • How come I have different results than my brother or sister?

CLASSIC Package | $149

  • Personal webinar with a genetic genealogist
  • 30 minutes live online session
  • Expert evaluation of your findings (if applicable)
  • Recorded session
  • Summary of key points email