DNA Coaching Services: Expert, Confidential DNA Advice

Sometimes, what you need to make progress with your important DNA questions is to get some expert advice. Our Coaching consultations point you in the right direction to answer YOUR specific DNA questions and situations in a confidential setting. We don’t do the research for you–we help YOU continue your own DNA discovery process.

Book a live, 30-minute or 60-minute confidential video consultation with one of our expert DNA coaches! During your time together, your coach will address your specific DNA question by reviewing your test results with you. You will receive insights and recommended next steps for your specific situation. The service includes a recording of your session plus an email that summarizes key points, so you have a permanent record of what you learned. Coaching services are available for personal research questions only, not for professional researchers who want to verify client work.

Here’s what people are saying about our Coaching Services:

Thank you so much for your ideas regarding my Schieber/Koelfgen research! Our Zoom session was wonderful and I have a path forward now. Your ability to communicate DNA information in plain English makes you unique and I greatly appreciate that as I am not science oriented.

Ruth Ann Hager

Even though I’m a…fairly experienced genealogist, Diahan’s insight and expertise were invaluable in breaking through a decades-old brick wall. I have never felt like money was so well spent or time so well used.

Lisa Can Gemert

My consultation helped me to better understand how to use my DNA test to find missing relatives and opened avenues to explore that I never would have come up with on my own. I highly recommend this service.

Barbara Gee

I have literally spent hundreds of hours poring over DNA matches to solve a brick wall in my research. Because of how time consuming it is, I was a little skeptical of how much help it would be for the expert to spend 60 minutes looking at my information. Now I know, it is because of high level experience, expertise and organizational skills. Michelle was absolutely amazing and well prepared for our meeting! She was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I can now see a clear path to organize my data and to gather the other information I need to help me solve my genealogy mystery. I highly recommend her services!

Sherri Batterson

Premium Coaching Customer

What You Get with Your Coaching Session

  • A live, confidential video consultation with an expert DNA coach, reviewing your specific question(s). Choose a 30-minute session or a 60-minute session.
  • Expert evaluation of your findings (if applicable) and recommended next steps
  • A recording of your session, so you can review the conversation anytime
  • Email follow-up with summary of key points

Worth every penny. You have done more in 20 minutes with a DNA match than we’ve done in 20 years.

Rona Saunders

Classic Coaching Customer

Diahan Southard helped me decide which Y-ch test I should buy for 2 distant cousins and the test was perfect to answer my question.

Walter Clinton

Classic Coaching Customer

More Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Coaching from Michelle

Just did a session with Michelle Leonard on a research plan and she was extremely helpful. Not only do I now have a better plan, but she explained all of her reasoning on suggested changes, so I fully understand. Plus I learned a lot! I also spent some of the session with a result review of a brick wall I am working on. Michelle had coached me on that one several months ago, and we went over the results I now have. Not to a solution yet, but am getting much closer now on a 25 year hunt! With her review and suggestions on this one, I am confident that I am very close to solving!

Brenda Duckworth
. . . about solving a family history mystery

Michelle is very professional, organized, knowledgeable, efficient, and capable of instructing one in their coaching session in such a way that one feels deep down that they are in excellent hands in the right place to make the most of their time towards solving their family's history mystery!
She gives EXCELLENT advice and instructions on how best to approach "what to do," in order to put the pieces together to successfully solve a brick wall, such as in my beloved Mother's Family Tree! Honestly, I was a bit overwhelmed, but Michelle's ability to take charge in just "the most perfect way", helps one to make the most of their session, with PROFESSIONAL guidance to move forward towards SUCCESS! She is the BEST! Thank You so much, Michelle!

Outstanding Coaching with Michelle Leonard

I am working with a group that is trying to identify family links in Switzerland in the 1800’s, and facing some complex situations. Our meeting with Michelle Leonard was outstanding! She gave us very clear answers on what the most productive next steps would be, answered all of our questions, and provided an excellent and detailed follow up email with her insights. Many thanks!

Fantastic session - just what I needed

I can't thank Connie enough for the time to walk me through the process and get closer to finding the parents of a female ancestor who has been a mystery for a long time. I was missing a couple of the details in how to assign matches to groups and put things together and now I feel more confident in what I need to do. Highly recommended!

Larry Olson
Immensely productive coaching session with Lori Napolitano!

I cannot say enough about the value of Lori’s coaching. I had a very specific genealogical question - the identity of my wife’s paternal grandmother’s father. I had started dotting her DNA matches but got hung up. Lori pointed out a couple of obvious BMM suspects among the matches and suggested a simple change to my dotting procedure. Within an hour of her call, I was able to split the networks and isolate close to 50 leftovers. Using the Finding Living Relatives techniques, I was able to identify several matches, find some common surnames among their trees, and identify an MRCA couple! Lori quickly responded to a couple of follow-up questions and has been very encouraging as I updated her with my great news.

DNA testing itself is not included in our Coaching service. You need to take a test and bring us the results. Our expert analysis focuses ONLY on your DNA results; we will leave the related genealogy research to you. Our goal is to help YOU keep making your own DNA discoveries.