The Expert, Confidential DNA Advice You Need: Mentoring Services

Sometimes, what you need to make progress with your important DNA questions is to get some expert advice. Our Mentoring consultations address YOUR specific DNA questions and situations in a confidential setting, so you can keep progressing toward the answers you hope to find in your DNA.

Here’s what people are saying about our Mentoring Services:

Thank you so much for your ideas regarding my Schieber/Koelfgen research! Our Zoom session was wonderful and I have a path forward now. Your ability to communicate DNA information in plain English makes you unique and I greatly appreciate that as I am not science oriented.

Ruth Ann Hager

Even though I’m a…fairly experienced genealogist, Diahan’s insight and expertise were invaluable in breaking through a decades-old brick wall. I have never felt like money was so well spent or time so well used.

Lisa Can Gemert

My consultation helped me to better understand how to use my DNA test to find missing relatives and opened avenues to explore that I never would have come up with on my own. I highly recommend this service.

Barbara Gee

Which Mentoring Service is right for you?

The main difference between the CLASSIC Package and the PREMIUM Package is the amount of time your Expert Consultant will spend looking into your DNA question. With the Classic Package, your Consultant will review your results with you during your conversation. Choose this option to explore your maps, percentages or match list. With the Premium Package, your Consultant will spend an hour reviewing your question and results BEFORE your conversation. Choose this package if you need an expert eyes on your results or suggested next steps to move forward with your DNA question. 

Classic Mentoring

  • Personal webinar with a genetic genealogist
  • 30 minutes live online session
  • Expert evaluation of your findings (if applicable)
  • Recorded session
  • Summary of key points email

Premium Mentoring

  • 60-minute review and analysis of your DNA test results within the context of your research question by an expert genetic genealogist

  • Personal 30-minute video consultation with an expert genetic genealogist, including review of your results, research question, “next steps” and (time permitting) optional hands-on skill-building

  • Determination of target genetic match groups

  • Recording of the video consultation

  • Summary of key points email

Note: We have discontinued our Custom Package, as our Experts are so busy teaching YOU how to Do the DNA yourself!