DNA and Identity

Here are some resources I used during my presentation in case you want to revisit them.

Inside out - Identity islands

This movie does such a great job of explaining how different memories create experiences that form our identity and personality. You can stop the video at the 1:13 mark.


Noa Baum - Storytelling

Watch from 9:39 to 10:23 about how storytelling allows us to see another point of view without the fuss of needing to reject it or adopt it.

Inside Out - more islands

They explain that as we get older our identities become more complicated.


Noa Baum - on living with paradox

Watch from 14:30 - 15:28 to hear Noa's thoughts on how broadening our view of stories can help bring change.

Inside Out - Family Island Restored

Start at 2:57. Try to watch this with your genetic genealogy glasses on. When you learn something unexpected, we look back over our memories searching for some clue or sign. We miss our old, untainted memories. But that doesn't mean they have to disappear.