Kickstart Your DNA Discoveries

Boost your skills, focus and confidence with hands-on, step-by-step learning in 2 fun hours-for just $10!

DNA Summer Kickstart

June 7, 2024

2:00 – 4:00 pm ET

What You Get in the DNA Summer Kickstart

  • Live, virtual instruction using terms, analogies and visuals that make things clear for everyone (no science degree required)
  • The chance to ask your burning question. What has you stuck, confused, or lost in your DNA journey? After you register, you may submit a question. Diahan will address as many as possible.
  • Proven processes for real learning. We call it our SPIN process: Study, Practice, Implement and Next Steps. After Diahan teaches a concept, you’ll practice it on the spot, review, and consider how to apply it to your DNA research questions.
  • Digital worksheets with practice activities to complete during the event
  • Step-by-step explanations that break down what you’re doing–and why you’re doing it–so you can see how each concept works in real situations
  • Clear next steps and resources so you can keep learning and DOING the DNA!
  • Access to a recording of the event for a week, during which time you can review it as many times as you like

 How much does it cost to attend?

Just $10!

We’ve made it SO affordable so everyone can join this first event in our DNA Summer School experience.

Who are we?

Your DNA Guide

We are a globally-known genetic genealogy education company. Our sole purpose is to teach and inspire YOU to use DNA to explore your roots. We believe you can do it, and that there is power in making your own DNA discoveries. We’ve been focused on this mission for 10 years.

Diahan Southard, Founder and CEO

and a world-renowned genetic genealogy educator

I teach people how to use DNA testing to learn about their families. I believe that discovering your family story is so empowering! Learning it makes you stronger, more rooted, more connected, more confident. You can do it–and I can help you, just as I’ve helped thousands of people around the world.

Who should join the Kickstart?

Wondering if this is right for you? Here’s who should join:

  • Everyone who is using DNA to build their family tree (we wil lcover questions that represent skill levels from beginner to intermediate)
  • Everyone who is stuck, confused, or unsure of what to do next with their DNA
  • Everyone who wants to strengthen their understanding of foundational DNA principles, techniques, and tools
  • Everyone who could use more CONFIDENCE in applying DNA to their family history
  • Everyone who learns better when they can practice while they learn

Why learn DNA from Diahan Southard?

“Your ability to communicate DNA information in plain English makes you unique and I greatly appreciate that as I am not science oriented.”

Ruth Ann Hager

“I always learn something from Diahan…As a retired educator, I recognize a good teacher and Diahan is among the best.”

Carol Ballard

“For about 4-5 years now I’ve been trying to wrap my head around DNA…You make it all so simple–so easy. I felt like you were holding my hand and whispering, ‘You can do it, Susie…I know you can do this!'”

Susie Haenisch

Frequently Asked Questions

What technical requirements are necessary?

The DNA Study Group takes place entirely online. You’ll need a reliable internet connection and an updated Zoom app for joining the session.

What if my question doesn't get answered?

We will be choosing questions that best represent the themes and topics you submit. Even if your specific question isn’t answered, you are bound to find some helpful direction in your own personal research–perhaps from another person’s question that you hadn’t yet considered!

Are my DNA skills too advanced for this event?

If you’ve already learned a lot about using DNA for family history, that ‘s great! Those with more experience will gain confidence from review and practice, and tips on best practices and strategies. Everyone can come away with new insights and motivation. In fact, one of my expert DNA coaches told me she always learns something new in my presentations. That was a good reminder that sometimes you don’t realize what you don’t already know.  

What if I can't attend live? Can I get a refund?

Due to the low cost of this experience, and the fact that we will be providing everyone with access to a video recording they can watch as many times as they like for the following week, refunds will not be given.

Don’t stay stuck, lost or confused with your DNA.

Join the DNA Summer Kickstart on June 7 and start moving toward confident DNA discoveries!