FINALLY Master Your Matches in the DNA Skills Workshop


The six-week masterclass for those who want to build their family trees confidently and accurately using DNA

March 14 – April 27, 2023

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You can’t truly learn to work with your autosomal DNA matches in a single webinar, or even a one-day class.

The most confident, effective DNA learning happens when you have the perfect mix of instruction, hands-on experience, real-life case studies (lots of them), and personalized feedback on your progress. You need time to absorb, review and practice what you’re learning. You need to be able to talk about what you’re learning with both experts and peers. Each of these components is crucial–and we’ve brought them all together in the DNA Skills Workshop.


What comes with the DNA Skills Workshop?

  • Six total weeks: five weeks of interactive instruction PLUS a bonus “breather” practice week to truly give you the TIME you need to master the skills being taught
  • 13 hours of prerecorded, close-captioned, online video instruction with full transcripts, so you can watch (and re-watch) at your own pace to master each concept. PLUS bonus content: about 4 hours of optional videos included as Resources
  • Four live Q&A group coaching sessions to reinforce your learning and answer your questions
  • A live, 2-hour virtual culminating workshop with Diahan Southard to help review and put everything into practice
  • A 30-minute, one-on-one personal coaching session to talk about your unique DNA questions, evidence and progress
  • Expert-monitored discussion boards so you can talk about what you’re learning with others in your Workshop, with a coach overseeing the conversation
  • TWO copies of Your DNA Guide—the Book to give you the best possible access to this essential do-it-yourself DNA manual. You can flip through and mark up the print edition; your electronic edition is handy and portable.
  • TWO copies of the full-color, 97-page DNA Skills Workbook with classwork, homework, answers and a Research Log for each lesson module. The print edition is easy to page through and write in and becomes a permanent reference for your library. The fillable PDF is portable and handy.
  • Lifetime access to all online DNA Skills Workshop resources, so you can come back ANYTIME you want a refresher or if you’re working on a new DNA question.
  • A Swag Box delivered to you with the goodies as shown below (international shipping times may vary). This special delivery brings your online experience into your real world, and helps you get even more excited and engaged in your learning experience.

Special Delivery: the DNA Skills Swag Box!

Your BONUS DNA Skills Swag Box comes with a print edition of Your DNA Guide–the Book and sturdy bookmark; full-color, print edition of the DNA Skills Workshop Workbook; the Plan tri-fold summary brochure; highlighter, colored pencils and Your DNA Guide pen; and a soft, sturdy Your DNA Guide tote bag to hold all these goodies. These are delivered around the world, wherever shipping capabilities allow (we may need a little time to get these to you outside the United States).

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Who needs this Workshop?

Anyone who has taken an autosomal DNA test, explored their results somewhat, and wants to REALLY learn how to use them to identify a mystery match and/or pursue a brick-wall ancestor. Those who have tested at AncestryDNA will likely have the most rewarding experience because of the site’s analysis tools and large database of testers. Read more about whether you’re ready for the Workshop and other important FAQs.

What will you learn?

  • How to make your family tree DNA-friendly
  • How to actually use your ethnicity results in your genealogical research
  • How to distinguish and double-check genetic vs genealogical relationships
  • How to find your generation of connection to your matches
  • The value of Known Matches and how to find a Best Mystery Match
  • How to use essential DNA tools, such as shared matches, AncestryDNA’s dot system, and “What Are the Odds?” (WATO)
  • How to create genetic networks to organize your DNA matches into progressively more specific family groups
  • How to build quick and simple trees, and organizing and working with trees for your DNA matches
  • How to stay organized in your DNA research

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Great Class

The class was challenging - in all the best ways. I learned new strategies to find and analyze DNA matches. The support given by the coaches and instructor really sets this course apart.

Thanks for your review!

Kimberley Jones
A must for DNA researchers!

This course helped me to organize my DNA matches and connect mystery matches. The continued access to lessons and videos as refreshers after going through the course will be so helpful. Taking the Ancestry Tour course prior turned out to be in invaluable and I highly recommend. Looking forward to continuing my education with the yDNA and Skills+ courses.

So glad that you enjoyed our course! Thanks for joining us!

Mind-Blowing Course!

DNA Skills will take you from "poking around" with shared matches and dots to competent and strategic use of shared DNA matches. The short videos, workbook exercises, text book reading, and weekly Zoom provide comprehensive reinforcement of the concepts and strategies over the four weeks of the course. As you work through the lessons you will execute a personal research plan using your own DNA test results which culminates with a private coaching session. I cannot overstate the value of this course! Classmates were knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and generous with time both in Zoom and in the smaller study group sessions. Suggestion: Take the Ancestry Tour to get a feel for Diahan's presentation style. A+

Thanks Trudi! We're so glad you joined us in the Workshop and that you found it so helpful!

Great Course

I must have to admit that this course is a bit challenging but it's well worth it.

We're glad you enjoyed the course, thanks for joining us!

Brilliant value for money

The Skills course is perfectly structured, very relevant, great fun and truly flexible. It helps both the new researcher and the intermediate to advanced researcher. because the theory is pared down to fundamentals that Diahan and her team have truly mastered. I have done lots of education courses of many formats, but this one has the best structure and best personal connections throughout the course that I have ever experienced. I was totally successful in reaching my goals, and I hope I can take the skills and techniques to my current brickwalls.

Yay! Thank you for sharing your review and your experience! We're so glad we could play a part in helping you reach your goals.

The unique SPIN learning process in the DNA Skills Workshop


Learn DNA strategies in a series of shorter videos additional resources that build your understanding, one concept at a time. Watch the videos as many times as you like! They’re closed-captioned, with full transcripts.


Try and try again! Classwork and homework will give you plenty of opportunities for concepts to “sink in.” Case studies let you see how each concept plays out with real-life DNA questions.


Apply what you’ve learned with your own DNA test results! This is the most fun part. Research logs help you track your progress. Expert-monitored discussion boards and buddy groups help you apply the concepts to your unique situation.

Next Steps

You’ll get plenty of instructions on where to go next! You will learn about lots of different options, depending on your situation, and how to choose what to do to to continue your unique DNA journey.

Your instructor

This Workshop is designed and instructed by Your DNA Guide Diahan Southard, a globally-renowned genetic genealogy educator. She brings the best aspects of her popular classes and webinars into an extended, hands-on format where you’ll learn in an interactive setting, work on real-life examples, follow up (live!) with your questions, and work on MORE examples for a progressive, confident and thorough learning experience. Plus, Diahan and her expert team will be checking your progress to make sure you are learning all the things you need to.

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