Expert Genetic Research Assistance

In short, we do the genetics, you do the genealogy.

Nothing speaks like experience. We here at Your DNA Guide have had a front-row seat in the genetic genealogy industry since its inception in the year 2000. That experience gives us a unique perspective that will certainly benefit your genetic genealogy research.

What we have come to realize in recent years is that much of the genetics of genetic genealogy research on any given case can be accomplished by a trained expert in just a few hours. The part that takes the most time is the genealogy.

The goal of this product is to provide you with a clear interpretation of your DNA test results as they pertain to your genealogical research question. We will identify your Best Matches, factor in ethnicity results (when applicable), and do some introductory legwork on family trees. We then provide you with a list of genealogical To Do’s that will help develop our genetic research from a theory of relationship based on DNA into a documented ancestor on your family tree based on your research.

The $450 Expert Research Assistance package includes:

  • Up to 4 hours of genetic research

  • Summary of findings with a To Do List

  • 20 minute live online meeting to review results