Expert Strategies for Finding Living People

Learn top skills for identifying your DNA matches in just 2 dayswithout having to use expensive people-finding websites!

Take the “Finding Living Relatives” 2-day Workshop

What You Get in the Finding Living Relatives Workshop

  • Proven strategies to help identify those unknown relatives you find when you take a DNA test (your DNA matches), because their identities can help you learn about your shared roots
  • Live, virtual instruction and Q&A from top experts in DNA, forensics and genealogy
  • Step-by-step instructions with helpful examples, so you can see how each concept works in real situations
  • Real-time, hands-on practice with time to ask questions, so you’ll learn more confidently 
  • Expert guidance to help you contact unknown relatives more effectively (even in sensitive situations)
  • Insight into hidden clues at DNA testing companies that will help you identify your unknown relatives
  • Focused strategies to Google people and find them on social media so you can pick them out of the crowds
  • Tips to use those intimidating people-finding websites (for free!)
  • Clever ideas on how to mine digitized newspaper websites
  • Inspiring case studies show you how powerfully these techniques help you identify birth relatives and unknown ancestors
  • A digital workbook with summaries of what you’ve learned; practice activities; helpful worksheets and additional resources so you can keep learning and DOING the DNA!

Caveat: Some of the techniques taught will be most effective in the United States. Limited resources specific to researching living people in the U.K., Canada, and Australia will also be provided.

How Much Does it Cost to Attend? Three Options

Introducing Your DNA Guide

We teach people how to use DNA testing to learn about their families. We believe that discovering your family story is so empowering! It makes you stronger, more rooted, more connected, more confident. You can do it–and we can help you, just as we’ve helped thousands of people around the world for nearly 10 years.


Your Instructors

Diahan Southard

Founder and CEO of Your DNA Guide and a world-renowned genetic genealogy educator

Lori Napolitano

Genetic genealogy coach and retired Chief of Forensic Services, Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Sunny Jane Morton

Renowned genealogy educator, Content Director at Your DNA Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Take this Course?

Wondering if this course is right for you? Here’s who should take the Finding Living Relatives Workshop:

  •  Everyone who is searching for their relatives using DNA
  • Anyone who is frustrated by DNA matches who don’t respond or don’t share family trees
  • Anyone who wants to connect with birth relatives or extend their family trees
  • Genealogists and search angels who want to improve their skills and effectiveness

What technical requirements are necessary?

The Finding Living Relatives workshop takes place entirely online. You’ll need a reliable internet connection for streaming the video learning sessions and for additional learning on your own time. You’ll need access to DNA test results, which do not come with this Workshop.

Why take the next Finding Living Relatives Workshop?

Because it continues to cost you time, energy and frustration on your genetic genealogy journey to NOT know who your important DNA matches are. You could be communicating with them more effectively (if you choose to). You could be finding more meaningful clues about who they are and how they’re related to you. And the three-option pricing makes it SO much easier to say YES!

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Reviews from prior events on finding living relatives

I took the workshop and learned so much. With the tools from the workshop I found a 2nd cousin mystery match to my husband and now have linked more of her family to his line. Totally a great wealth of information found based on the tools taught. Diahan and her staff are wonderful people to do what they do. Thank you so much.

Ronnie (on Facebook)

[Halfway through the 2-day workshop….] Yesterday was so much fun – I can’t wait for today’s session! I love your SPIN teaching method. The time just flew by, because I really got to engage with what you were teaching and not just sitting at my computer listening to you lecture. That’s what I loved about the Workshop, too. I tell everyone I can that they need to take your courses!


I’m on the hunt for my adopted grandmother’s birth parents. While we were on the Zoom, I had Facebook open on a second monitor and went to the page of the highest match to my dad. I’ve done a deep dive on him before & found a bunch of information about him (mostly from Been Verified <$> which we discussed this AM. ANYWAY, the one thing I hadn’t really done was what Lori showed this morning. So I [did that thing] and found the name of a DNA match I hadn’t recognized. [I] had a field day…found SO many names & lots of matches I’d seen but not recognized (remember, adopted grandmother!). I was able to add her to my DNA tree (her and her father and her brother!) and then sent her a message on Ancestry, explaining my situation and that I was hoping to connect to see if she was willing to share information. GUYS– SHE READ THE MESSAGE!!!!! There was an almost immediate positive outcome following Lori’s tips and IT WORKED. A few hours later, as I was driving to dinner, SHE CALLED!!!!! ….we actually talked on the phone for almost an hour tonight!! Turns out they aren’t super close to most of the family BUT they are going to see her grandmother, the potential half-sister of my dad/uncle AND SHE’S GOING TO TAKE A DNA TEST!!!! Guys— I am BEYOND excited!!!!! Target testing, baby!!!!….I might cry!!! I’ll keep you posted!!!!! Thanks, Lori— truly could NOT have done this without you!”