Your DNA Guide—the Gift Certificate…

is for anyone who would enjoy using DNA to discover more about their ethnic heritage, build their family tree or find living relatives. (Isn’t that just about anyone?)

What our gift certificates are good for:

DNA is exciting and powerful but can be tricky to learn on your own. We provide education, support and guidance to help people explore what their DNA might reveal. Gift certificates may be used toward the purchase of Your DNA Guide—the Book, our quick reference guides, and our popular one-on-one mentoring sessions. Certificates are available in several denominations, have no fees and never expire as long as we’re in business. (But we do recommend you use them soon so you don’t lose them!)

What our gift certificates are NOT good for:

Unfortunately, our gift cards can’t currently be used toward purchase of Your DNA Guide—the Academy Workshops or Courses due to e-commerce limitations. If you’d like to make a special purchase toward a friend’s Workshop or Course, please contact us. Also, just to clarify, we don’t sell the actual DNA tests—those need to be purchased separately. (Here are the best DNA tests for family history.)