I am excited to be headed up your way on April 12 and 13 to speak at the IRGS membership meeting! Starting at 9:30 I will be providing a thorough overview of the three kinds of DNA tests and how you can use them in your family history. You can read more about our meeting on the IRGS website.

But I have a special offer for those who want a little more personal guidance.

First, I am offering my regular personal consultation package for a reduced rate. You can schedule a time to meet with me in the week following the conference and I will give you:

  • 45 minutes of online guidance using Go To Meeting.
  • We meet together online and I take you through your test results, answering all of your questions and providing in depth guidance.
  • I will record our session and provide that to you as a video file, as well as a PDF one page summary of our time together.

The regular price is $99, but I am offering the Indian River Genealogical Society the special price of $84 for that session

You can sign up for a time and make payment using the links on the right. I can also accommodate additional appointment times, just let me know what works for you.

If you prefer, I am also offering 20 minute on site consultations starting at 2 PM on Tuesday, and going all the way through Wednesday morning. In those 20 minutes we will:

  • login to your testing company, and I will point out they key features of the website,
  • and guide you toward your best matches.
  • You will leave with a clear picture of what to do next!

I am offering that on-site guidance for only $25!

You can sign up by clicking the link on the right. You can also make advanced payment on the right, or you can pay at the time of the consult. All you need to bring to our consult is your login(s) to the testing company where you were tested and something to write with. I will provide the computer.