Forensic DNA Training for Law Enforcement

As Your DNA Guide, Diahan Southard and her team provide educational resources to help you and your colleagues understand how DNA testing with genetic genealogy techniques can impact your investigation. We have 20 years of experience in successfully teaching genetic genealogy procedures to people with zero experience and no science background. We offer on-site, in person workshops and classes. We can also provide training remotely via webinar. Pricing is customized to the needs of the group.

Diahan’s recent workshop for the International Symposium on Human Identification was covered by the New York Times and is described in this Promega article. Here’s what else people are saying about her classes:

“At Southard’s ISHI 30 workshop, the participants take on the role of an FGG investigator, trying to solve a cold case in which a woman was murdered over 30 years ago. Southard doles out information a little bit at a time, starting with an analysis of a DNA sample from the crime scene. The goal of the exercise is to identify people who may be related to the killer, by building genetic networks based on common ancestors. Just as in the Angie Dodge case, Southard leads the class through several twists and turns, identifying second and third cousins of the suspect.” -Ken Doyle, Promega

“I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop and learned a lot. I came to this workshop with no genetic genealogy experience and was worried if I would be able to follow. You did a great job presenting the information at a level that a person with no experience could understand, so thank you!” – Merritt Prusik, New York State Police Forensic Investigation Center

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