The National Genealogical Society's annual conference is in my backyard, and I am inviting YOU to join me! This year you get to relax by the beach in sunny Ft. Lauderdale, FL after a long day learning about family history. While the speakers and sessions organized by the NGS program committee are always outstanding, I myself will be giving two talks on DNA (link and link), sometimes you just need a little more DNA education. This year I am in cahoots with Lisa Louise Cooke of Genealogy Gems and we have a stellar exhibit hall experience prepared for you. You can see our lecture schedule and plan out your day by clicking here.

If you feel like you might need some one-on-one time to get your personal DNA questions answered and develop a research strategy, for the first time I am offering mini-consultations in my booth! For $25 I will meet you on your level and we can talk about what you have and what to do next.

So sign up and put your DNA to work for you! Just click on the icons on the right to sing up and pay using your credit card.

Please be aware that some of the times are during conference sessions, so be sure to check your schedule for availability.