Share Your AncestryDNA Results

If you are trying to administer the AncestryDNA accounts for multiple people, you will want to share their results into your account for easy access and analysis. This is a clip from a class I taught for the Florida Genealogical Society Virtual Conference in November 2017.

Your mtDNA Match Page Explained

Running Time: 8:54
The mtDNA match table holds the most valuable information for your mtDNA test- but what does it mean? In these short few minutes together you will learn how to navigate this table and identify your best matches.

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What is YDNA?

Running Time: 6:46
Have you been wondering if a YDNA test might be right for you and your family history? In the next few minutes we will cover the basics of this  useful and very informative test that can give you insight into the past of any male on your pedigree chart.

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