Predicted Relationships at AncestryDNA

Knowing how to interpret the predicted relationship at AncestryDNA can provide significant insight when analyzing your relationship to your DNA match. This will also include a bit about how to use the total amount of shared DNA in your analysis. Taken from my participation in the Florida Genealogical Society's virtual seminar in November of 2017.

DNA and Your Health - a mini Session

At NGS 2016 I was living' it up in the exhibit hall with Lisa Louise Cooke and the Genealogy Gems. We live streamed some of our booth sessions using Periscope, a cool social networking app. This is one of the sessions we were able to share with a larger audience than just those who attended NGS.

I am sure you will notices that the audio/video syncing is a little off, but I think it works as long as you are looking at the slides and not at me.