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23andMe test results can be exciting–once you fully understand them. This guided tour teaches you to navigate your way confidently around your 23andMe test results so you’ll better understand what your DNA is telling you about your roots–and what else it might reveal if you dig a little deeper.

What is my Ancestry Composition? How do I get my ethnicity estimates? Does the health information on the site provide any clues for my family history research?  How can I find out who I am related to with my 23andMe DNA test? With our step-by-step, guided Tour, you will CONFIDENTLY explore the answers in no time!

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Endogamy prevents a 5 star rating of all genetic site tours

Diahan Southard is a brilliant, generous, and kind genealogist, geneticist, and teacher.

It is because of endogamy in the Jewish population that this tour and her other genetic website tours fall short. The tour courses are totally geared to people without endogamy, to people whose ancestors come from a number of different countries, to people whose mystery matches clearly match a known ancestor, not to Jewish researchers whose known ancestor's mystery matches are virtually the same as another known ancestor's matches, where the paternal side of origin is Lithuania and the maternal side of origin is contiguous Belarus (parts of which were once in Lithuania).

Perhaps there should be separate tours for people with endogamy that could delve into how to best use each site.

The reason I took each tour course was to see if I could learn the maiden names of my 3 2X great grandmothers born in Lithuania and of my 3 2X great grandmothers born in Belarus so that I might be able to find records for them and their birth families. That was my goal. I understood that I would need relevant third cousins to test. I do know of a few definite third cousins, but I had hoped the tours would help me find additional third cousins which they didn't.

I understand the winnowing process of matches where there is endogamy, looking only at substantial longest segment plus additional segments. I took the endogamy course. Yet I have a list of those winnowed matches with no way of telling which of my six unknown 2X great grandmothers each matches because virtually each matches all.

I will try to look again at the possible third cousins to achieve my goal. The materials for each of the site tours was repetitive which would have been fine if I did not have endogamy.

Rod Merrill
The 23andMe Tour was fantastic!

I've taken a number of DNA courses but this one taught by Lori and Diahan ranks right up there at the top of my favorites. I found it extremely interesting and useful. The knowledge I gained prompted me to do more research and to reach a new hypothetical conclusion on an adoption case I've been working on for several years. I highly recommend this tour.

Wow Rod! That's wonderful you were able to make that new breakthrough! Keep us posted on what you find!

Donna Swenson

I was sort of self-taught in 23&me until this course was offered and I did learn several helpful things, ie, how to compare your shared match list/matches in common and find known relationships that help me to decipher how I might be related. I also was able to take a known match and group others to either materal or paternal and group by 1c, 2c, 3c to see what ancestor couples I should look to find the relationship.

Thanks so much for your review Donna! Sounds like you've made some great discoveries on your tree!