Classic Coaching


The Classic Coaching package includes:

* 30-minute live video consultation with expert DNA coach

* Expert evaluation of your findings (if applicable)

* Recording of your video session

* Summary of key points email


Customer Reviews

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Excellent value

👍👍 I'm super happy with my coaching session with Michelle. She gave me a lot to work with, some excellent corrections and cautions on some of my thinking, and a clear path forward to identifying my 3x Great Grandparents. She was methodical, well prepared & efficient, and I am amazed how much about my complicated puzzle she absorbed in the hour she had to review my tree, the info i provided, and crawl through my match information at FTDNA, MyHeritage, Gedmatch, and I'm heading back into the hunt with renewed enthusiasm and greater clarity!

Paula Forselles
Michelle is Sooo Helpful!

I am so glad that I had a coaching session in advance of the Skills workshop because it answered some nagging questions and helped me focus on what I need to do before the workshop starts. Michelle was extremely professional and could clearly guide me on the best path forward to solving my genealogical puzzle. Notes were detailed and I will enjoy watching the recording.
Thank you, Michelle!

Thanks so much for your review!

Lori is the BEST!!!

I had one private coaching session with Lori Napolitano to get help with a very unexpected and confusing Family Tree/DNA question. It went beyond every expectation I had for the session! She dove deep into all of my DNA information and matches. She presented her analysis with visual charts that really pulled together and organized all of my information so that I could see the big picture. That was so helpful! She also sent me a detailed plan of action to continue researching on my own. Her knowledge and expertise is amazing! I can't believe how much she did so quickly. I am still trying to absorb all of the information she gave me. If you have a chance to work with Lori, I HIGHLY recommend her!! Thanks, Lori! You will probably hear from me again!

Beverly Lewis
So Informative!!

In the 30 minutes that Michelle and I spent during the coaching session, made up for so much time that I had been wasting spinning my wheels going nowhere. Her detailed "housekeeping" instructions, help me to visualize how I would be able to get closer to solving my ancestry question. The taped video recording along with her written notes are a big plus! There was one point that was not totally clear, and the access to replaying the video and reading the notes, put me back on track as to her recommendations. I would recommend at least one coaching session just to help to focus you towards your goal. I feel since the session, I am that much closer in solving my family mystery! Thank you Michelle for your expertise, I hope to follow up with you in the future!!!!!

Thomas S

My session was super high value - I learned a ton of tips, perspectives and insights that have helped identify next steps. There was so much packed into the call that I am grateful for the video in order to revisit all the discussion points. I greatly appreciate everything Michelle helped me with, and I am confident I will have a follow up in the future!