Classic Coaching For Academy Participant (free with Dive purchase)


Keep your DNA learning progressing with ongoing Coaching sessions! This Coaching price is exclusively for DNA Skills Academy participants who purchased a DIVE event.

Your CLASSIC Coaching Package Includes:

  1. Personal virtual consultation with a genetic genealogist
  2. 30 minutes live online session
  3. Expert evaluation of your findings (if applicable)
  4. Recording of your session
  5. Summary of key points email


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Evelyn Jenkins
Monitoring Session with Lori

Lori could see that I was nervous during our mentoring session, but she was so patient and understanding. Even when we had internet problems, she stopped the session and restarted when the problem was fixed. Lori was very knowledgeable and convinced me that I was on the right path. She gave me advice for my next steps and I have successfully worked toward an answer. I look forward to another session with Lori in the future.

Susan Parkins
Amazing! Super Helpful and I Learned So Much!

My DNA Coach, Connie, was super helpful and we were able to cover a lot of material in 30 min. I was provided management/technical tips to help my research to be effective and efficient. Revisiting the recorded session and follow up email provides a nice summary of what we talked about and provides a fantastic reference for review. I have clarity regarding next steps and skills to practice as I am new at this! I'm looking forward for the next session!

Carol Bell
Lori is wonderful

Lori was aware that I was a novice and wanted to find my maternal grandmother. She came to our meeting fully prepared to share the information that she had found in a way that was clear, concise and easy for me to understand. It worked. At the end of our meeting, I felt that I had the confidence needed to follow the next steps that she outlined for me to do myself. She is wonderful to work with. Could not have selected a better coach.

Excellent value

👍👍 I'm super happy with my coaching session with Michelle. She gave me a lot to work with, some excellent corrections and cautions on some of my thinking, and a clear path forward to identifying my 3x Great Grandparents. She was methodical, well prepared & efficient, and I am amazed how much about my complicated puzzle she absorbed in the hour she had to review my tree, the info i provided, and crawl through my match information at FTDNA, MyHeritage, Gedmatch, and I'm heading back into the hunt with renewed enthusiasm and greater clarity!

So glad you were able to learn so much! Thanks for your review!

Paula Forselles
Michelle is Sooo Helpful!

I am so glad that I had a coaching session in advance of the Skills workshop because it answered some nagging questions and helped me focus on what I need to do before the workshop starts. Michelle was extremely professional and could clearly guide me on the best path forward to solving my genealogical puzzle. Notes were detailed and I will enjoy watching the recording.
Thank you, Michelle!

Thanks so much for your review!