DNA Skills Workshop


FINALLY master your DNA matches with this six-week DNA masterclass! Learn to organize and analyze your autosomal DNA test results to build your family tree, connect with living relatives and find answers to your family history mysteries. It’s the ultimate DNA training for the genealogist!


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Mind-Blowing Course!

DNA Skills will take you from "poking around" with shared matches and dots to competent and strategic use of shared DNA matches. The short videos, workbook exercises, text book reading, and weekly Zoom provide comprehensive reinforcement of the concepts and strategies over the four weeks of the course. As you work through the lessons you will execute a personal research plan using your own DNA test results which culminates with a private coaching session. I cannot overstate the value of this course! Classmates were knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and generous with time both in Zoom and in the smaller study group sessions. Suggestion: Take the Ancestry Tour to get a feel for Diahan's presentation style. A+

Great Course

I must have to admit that this course is a bit challenging but it's well worth it.

Brilliant value for money

The Skills course is perfectly structured, very relevant, great fun and truly flexible. It helps both the new researcher and the intermediate to advanced researcher. because the theory is pared down to fundamentals that Diahan and her team have truly mastered. I have done lots of education courses of many formats, but this one has the best structure and best personal connections throughout the course that I have ever experienced. I was totally successful in reaching my goals, and I hope I can take the skills and techniques to my current brickwalls.

Yay! Thank you for sharing your review and your experience! We're so glad we could play a part in helping you reach your goals.

Amazing Course!

When Diahan first posted enrollment information about a new Pilot Skills Course, I jumped on it! It was the best genealogy investment I have made! I appreciate how much time and thought went in to the making of this course and Diahan made me feel that she was talking directly to me about what I personally needed. I do not claim that all my "brick walls" have crumbled but when I stick to the formula and lessons learned, there have been some dents! I also love that I can still go back and review portions of the course material. I have taken several of Diahan's courses and look forward to what is next.

Thanks for your generous praise! We love helping people make progress on their brick walls!

Fantastic teacher and course!

I highly recommend this class! Diahan's teaching style is fun and she uses great analogies. It was well-paced and she guides you the entire way. The one-on-one mentoring session was amazing. I couldn't believe how much they dug into YOUR specific results or questions in the allotted time. This is an investment in time and money but well worth it.

Thank you Sue! We're so glad we could help you learn more about your family history!