DNA Skills Workshop


FINALLY master your DNA matches with this six-week DNA masterclass! Learn to organize and analyze your autosomal DNA test results to build your family tree, connect with living relatives and find answers to your family history mysteries. It’s the ultimate DNA training for the genealogist!


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My advice is to take the course

This course is a significant commitment of time and money but I felt it was worth both. I was very surprised to learn that the course was a bit more basic than my skills, but I learned a lot. The course gave me confidence in what I had been doing and provided many pointers about techniques, organization, analysis, and other resources. One of the options was a buddy group to work with during the course and that was a real bonus. I also came out of the course with the goal of improving my research logs!

Chrissy Elliott
You can do the DNA!!!

This course is worth taking, if you have hesitations, don’t. It is for any skill level, as Diahan has broken down the steps that need to be taken to solve your DNA/genealogical problems. The coaches are there every step of the way to answer any questions that come up also.

This course will give you the confidence you need to be able to work with your DNA matches!

Leslie Gilbert
Great Plan

I am hoping to find my cousins grandfather. I have not made that discovery but I learned so much. I believe that following the PLAN will one day accomplish my goal. I will continue to research and take courses. Diahan's is so down to earth and able to add so much help. This was a great experience.
Thanks for guiding my research

Henri Keith
Pricey But Worth It

I wanted to take this course years ago but didn’t believe I could justify the cost. It is well worth the price and exceeded all my expectations. Diahan Southard is a great instructor with a knack of explaining difficult concepts in a way you can understand. All her coaches are wonderful and readily available in case you have a problem or question. You are taught a plan to follow and the importance of goal setting and having a research question. I am very happy that I took the course and would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is serious about learning how to effectively work with DNA.

Elwood Belzer

I started this work shop hoping to find the name of my third great grandfather. Which was a long shot i know, but after the first class and with the information that I learned I found me name. I then had to change by goal, and each class I find the answer to my new goal, and had to keep changing goals. The class was worth the money for me. After finding the name of my third great grandfather I was able to extend my search two more generations which put in the early 1700s.The skills I learned was worth the time and money.