DNA Skills Workshop March 2023


FINALLY master your DNA matches with this six-week DNA masterclass! Learn to organize and analyze your autosomal DNA test results to build your family tree, connect with living relatives and find answers to your family history mysteries. It’s the ultimate DNA training!

What you get with the DNA Skills Workshop:

  • Six total weeks: five weeks of interactive instruction PLUS a bonus “breather” practice week to truly give you the TIME you need to master the skills being taught
  • An expertly-designed curriculum following our proven SPIN process for confident, permanent learning: Study, Practice, Integrate and take Next Steps.
  • 13 hours of prerecorded, close-captioned, online video instruction with full transcripts, so you can watch (and re-watch) at your own pace to master each concept. PLUS bonus content: about 4 hours of optional videos included as Resources
  • Four live Q&A group coaching sessions to reinforce your learning and answer your questions
  • A live, 2-hour virtual culminating workshop to help review and put everything into practice
  • A 30-minute, one-on-one personal coaching session to talk about your unique DNA questions, evidence and progress
  • Expert-monitored discussion boards so you can talk about what you’re learning with others in your Workshop, with a coach overseeing the conversation
  • TWO copies of Your DNA Guide—the Book (print and ebook editions) to give you the best possible access to this essential do-it-yourself DNA manual. You can flip through and mark up the print edition; your electronic edition is handy and portable.
  • TWO copies of the full-color, 97-page DNA Skills Workbook (print and ebook editions) with classwork, homework, answers and a Research Log for each lesson module. The print edition is easy to page through and write in and becomes a permanent reference for your library. The fillable PDF is portable and handy.
  • Lifetime access to all online DNA Skills Workshop resources, so you can come back ANYTIME you want a refresher or if you’re working on a new DNA question.
  • A Swag Box delivered to you with your printed books; a bookmark and summary brochure; highlighter, colored pencils and Your DNA Guide pen; and a soft, sturdy Your DNA Guide tote bag. This special delivery brings your online experience into your real world, and helps you get even more excited and engaged in your learning experience. (International shipping times may vary.)

What you will learn in the DNA Skills Workshop:

  • How to make your family tree DNA-friendly
  • How to actually use your ethnicity results in your genealogical research
  • How to distinguish and double-check genetic vs genealogical relationships
  • How to find your generation of connection to your matches
  • The value of Known Matches and how to find a Best Mystery Match
  • How to use essential DNA tools, such as shared matches, AncestryDNA’s dot system, and “What Are the Odds?” (WATO)
  • How to create genetic networks to organize your DNA matches into progressively more specific family groups
  • How to build quick and simple trees, and organizing and working with trees for your DNA matches
  • How to stay organized in your DNA research