Endogamy & DNA Course


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What do I get with this course? What is the format?

For the 3 weeks of interactive instructive, plan to spend about 2 hours per week on the Course. (Some people may work more quickly than others, and some may want to dive deeper. That part is up to you.) You’ll experience:

  • 3 weeks of self-paced, online instruction and practice using tools at your DNA testing companies, without the need for complicated segment analysis or spreadsheets
  • Weekly pre-recorded video tutorials, additional resources, homework, quizzes, polls, and a moderated discussion board
  • A final live Q&A session that will be recorded and made available with your Course materials
  • Full-length, professionally-designed workbook with classwork, homework, and research log (PDF format)
  • Homework that provides hands-on experience with real-life case studies
  • Enrollment in a class cohort that allows students to interact with one another at their preferred level


Customer Reviews

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Totally worth taking!

I am a descendant of many separate and very interwoven lines. Although I had figured out all my lines through records, I really needed help to figure out how to understand what this meant in terms of my DNA results.

The Endogamy and DNA course provided me with a much greater understanding of endogamy, its impacts on descendants and how to decipher my DNA results so I can get to the common ancestral couple. This is really not easy when you are a descendant from an endogamus people.

I am grateful I took this amazing course. It showed me how to decipher my many endogamous lines and additionally shone a light on my mysterious Y-DNA line I've been researching.

Of all of the courses I have taken, this one has provided me with the best value for my dollar, giving me a greater practicle knowledge of how to process DNA cousin results and how to properly decipher and use the information. The whole course was a light bulb moment for me and I highly recommend it.

Thank you Debbie! I'm so glad that you were able to make so much headway in your research!

Great Class

I took Diahan Southards' Endogamy DNA class after completing her DNA Skills Class earlier. I love her videos. The videos unique and explanations are easy to understand. That they are available to go back and rewatch is one of the many benefits of taking her classes. The homework for each lesson helps you wrap your head around the lessons she teaches. If I didn't understand the concept the first time, I could go back and redo it. Endogamy has been a problem in some of my research, and her class helped me identify new ways to unravel the puzzle. I would recommend that anyone with endogamy take her class. Diahan’s classes are the best!

Thanks you! We know it's so important to be able to go back and review the videos, that's why we made sure that all of our students could have access to watch those videos as many times as they need for as long as they need!

DNA assistance

The Irish ancestors lived in small locations for a long time. They use the same first names over and over. They tend to marry into the same families repeatedly. It's a mess! And so confusing to try and figure out. This course helped me decide which DNA matches would be most useful in making significant progress. DNA can be a difficult subject to master; the course and regular homework provided useful framework and focus. Topics are so well explained.

Thank you! So glad we could help you make progress with your matches!

N. Smith

Endogamy can show up in Quebec, Ireland, and other populations. Standard approaches proved ineffective for interpreting DNA results and planning documentary research. Diahan is masterful at breaking down this complex challenge into a systematic approach applicable at all the testing companies. The printed material, video, and discussion opportunities remain available even after the formal conclusion of the course. Helpful even for otherwise advanced researchers, this course offering on managing endogamy is unique among genealogy education options. I gained important skills and insight I use daily!

Thank you so much! We're so glad you continue to benefit from the information from our Course!

Easy to follow

The course was excellent.
It only helped my situation slightly as I have no known names.
I have reviewed the class notes which has helped..
It was well worth taking the time to complete this course.

So glad we could help you learn more! Thanks for leaving a review!