FTDNA’s Family Finder Tour Course


FTDNA’s Family Finder Test – The Ultimate Insider’s Tour

Your Family Tree DNA results can be exciting–once you fully understand them. This guided tour teaches you to navigate your way confidently around your autosomal (Family Finder) results so you’ll better understand what your DNA is telling you about your roots–and what else it might reveal if you dig a little deeper.

What are the myOrigins results telling me? What can I do with my ethnicity results? How can I find out who I’m related to with my DNA match list? How do I explore, sort and compare all those DNA relatives? With our step-by-step, guided Tour, you will CONFIDENTLY explore the answers in no time!

Customer Reviews

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June Butka

The tour helped me better understand and use the tools at FtDNA. I tested full mtDNA, and Family Finder for myself, and YDNA 67 and Family Finder for my brother. Using Diahan's tips I was able to find "cousin' matches that aided me in finding my potential 2nd great-grandfather.

Wayne Whitson
Tours Are So Helpful

I recently finished my FTDNA tour and learned so much more about the website I had never used. This is my second tour and being able to stop and start and revisit the lessons is extremely valuable. It is great to have a way to refresh my memory when I am away from genealogy for a time. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because I associate FTDNA with Y-DNA I was expecting that topic to be included. Maybe another tour could cover Y-DNA and mtDNA? Count me in! Thanks for all you have taught me about DNA.

Yvonne K

I loved the FTDNA Tour. I learned so much and really enjoyed the Workbook with all the forms. I have had Diahan's book Your DNA Guide since it first came out and whenever I see a video of webinar of hers I can't wait to sign up!

Brena Jock
Wonderful Resource!

The FTDNA Tour was so helpful. I'm feeling more confident knowing where to go and what tools to utilize through FTDNA. I thoroughly enjoyed the Tour. Thank you!

Lindell Johnson
Enjoyed every minute

I learned soooooooooooooo much more about FTDNA than I even knew was there. I'm having fun using the tips and finding/identifying more family. Thank You.

Thanks Lindell! We're so glad to hear how much you've enjoyed the FTDNA Tour!