Premium Coaching


  • 60-minute review and analysis of your DNA test results within the context of your research question by an expert DNA coach

  • Follow-up personal 30-minute video consultation with your coach, with review of your results, research question, “next steps” and (time permitting) optional hands-on skill-building

  • Recording of the video consultation

  • Summary email with key points


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Thomas S

My session was super high value - I learned a ton of tips, perspectives and insights that have helped identify next steps. There was so much packed into the call that I am grateful for the video in order to revisit all the discussion points. I greatly appreciate everything Michelle helped me with, and I am confident I will have a follow up in the future!

Judie Fry
So Knowledgeable

Lori was the right one for me. This was just great! Don't know when I've seen or heard someone do such a thorough job in 1 1/2 hours or a whole lot more. I appreciated how she interacts. Thanks for the email and all the links and ideas. She thoroughly went over her explanations and visual displays. Research, records and sources, are my main method so DNA was a whole new ballgame. Lori gave me a lot to work on. She certainly is an expert!

Thanks so much for this glowing review! We are so glad we could be part of helping you make these discoveries on your journey!

Just What I Needed

The premium mentor session provided the exact guidance I needed to see if I was on the right track with my DNA conclusions. Michelle was very knowledgeable and well prepared for our session. She went over ways to organize my matches and strategies to use with them. I like how she demonstrated these with my own matches and ancestors. Michelle’s follow-up report was incredible, very detailed, and gave a plan for future research. Well worth the cost!

Thanks for your glowing review! So excited for the headway you'll be able to make on your tree!

Sally Steele
Amazing Experience

I couldn't be more pleased with the entire experience, and am in awe of Lori. She was most helpful in the preparation phase; friendly, enganged and succinct in the presentation; filled with direct instructions for my next steps, and an overall pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her and the mentor session services. The bonus of it all is having the video to review and to keep on track, because right now I am filled with so much information that I'll need time and review to absorb it all.

I'm so glad you enjoyed your mentoring session, it was a pleasure working with you!

Terry M. Turner
Insightful Guidance

I found my hour with Michelle informative for future options and research methods. Her written evaluation of my research question was in-depth and will allow me to take my time and explore her recommendations. The video of our time together is also helpful for reviewing and recognizing where I should focus my attention to accomplish my research goal. Overall this Premium-Mentor session was what I needed to continue knocking down my brick wall!

Thanks so much for your review, we love hearing about our clients' wins!