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Robin Helmond
Worth a Try

I must be getting old, or something. I am finding it difficult getting much out of the book. I appreciate the descriptions of the various aspect of DNA, but actually putting it all together is proving more difficult.
I got onto this book by reading Diahan’s description of the Leeds method, which I followed easily. If only the book was the same.
But maybe I should concentrate harder, and follow the detail. I will give it a go.


Your DNA Guide–the Book (ebook)


Your DNA Guide–the Book is for anyone who has taken a DNA test and wants to learn what their DNA (and their DNA matches) might reveal about their identity and family story. Your DNA Guide–the Book helps you:

  • reconstruct your family tree by identifying unknown ancestors
  • identify unknown biological relatives, for adoptees and others with unknown parentage
  • identify your relationship to a specific DNA match

Learn by following step-by-step, concrete plans that address all the different questions you may be asking of your DNA. Follow the path that fits your situation. Pause to learn about new DNA terminology and concepts–only when you need them. Once you’ve solved your mystery (or taken it as far as it can go for now), choose a new question, and use Your DNA Guide–the Book to start the process all over again!

This is the ebook version.