Your DNA Guide–the Book (ebook)


If you don’t understand your DNA test results, they can’t help you with questions like: “Who is that DNA match?” or “Who are my birth relatives?” or “Who is my mystery ancestor that I’ve been trying to find for years?”

Your DNA Guide—the Book guides you through these and other common DNA questions. You simply pick a question, then follow a clear, step-by-step plan to explore it. Learn key DNA concepts on a need-to-know basis so you can stay focused on your question. Diahan Southard’s fun, easy-to-read writing sounds like she’s talking right to you. She is! Your DNA Guide—the Book empowers you to start making more confident and accurate DNA discoveries.

This is the ebook version.

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Linda Breidfjord

Your DNA Guide--the Book (ebook)

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Diane Howdeshell
DNA e-Guide Book

I love the eDNA Guide Book. It is such an important reference book for genealogy. I am thrilled with it, and use it almost every day.

Thanks for your review! SO happy to hear that it's been so helpful to you!

Steve Marsh
Steve's review - A work in progress

I purchased this e-book as a retirement gift for myself. I retire on 7/29. I did read a little bit of the book. I do like how it jumps around from place to place. It makes you feel like you don't need to read it from end-to-end. I am sure I will get a lot out of of this book. 25-year brick wall breakdown, here I come!

What a great idea! Be sure to keep us updated about that brick wall!

Irwin Goldberg

Great knowledge

Thank you!

Wendy Miles
Elusive 3rd Gt. G'Parents

I had already found my Paternal Gt.Gt.Gparents also 3rd Gt. G'Parents via his wife.[my Gt.Gt.Paternal G'Mother] all in or around Liverpool, Lancashire.
I have G.G.G'Fs death certificate,sussed from it being the only one which matches his apparent age in 1841- his mariner background & the year of death before 1851.
I have not had any matches which may suggest his birth correctly or the name of his parents. One recent match has an almost identical version of my tree on one site but with an added son, which does not compute to real life facts as I have so far found, mainly on Liverpool OPC.&later censuses.

Due to my many interruptions in my home carer life, I have not read the entire book.Continual I'net dropouts when I change pages-or try to- has been a big hold up too.
I have created several trees for various matches to try to find a link but so far they do not pan out.Fine for recent years but not further back.
many people also are very evasive or protective of their privacy, some even give wrong clues as to family.

I have 'rented' a posssible 3rd Gt.G'Father & his wife, he is of the same area is a mariner childrens names almost identical to those of 2GGParents & has same Christian name.
One young man has this same couple but his families down from them differ to mine. He has had info from his Father so I tend to think he may be more correct, BUT he mentions that we have no DNA connection. I seem to remember reading that this is not a problem due to the way DNA disports itself.

I'll keep on reading & planting trees to see what I can pick from those branches.

Thanks for your review, we appreciate it! Best of luck with the rest of your research!