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Learn to understand what your YDNA is telling you–and to use YDNA testing effectively to answer specific questions about paternal lines (recent or ancestral).


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Connie Knox
Love - Love - Loved this Course

Wow, did I learn a lot. I knew a lot already, but Diahan goes into the nitty-gritty. Thanks Diahan for all you do for the genealogical community.

Thank you Connie!

Learned so much

I've been crawling up the learning curve of Genealogy for a long time now, trying to solve a brick wall involving my 2nd Great Grandfather. I'd gotten proficient with Chromosome maps and Autoclusters and prided myself on picking up a lot of new techniques and skills in the Autosomal realm. But I was really stumped by what to do with my Y-DNA results and how to interpret them. FTDNA's help pages were not very helpful. My usual methods of reading everything I could and finding youtube guides was turning up material that was at extremes: either way down the academic rabbit hole or "pushing the results button will show you your results" idiot guides. I shopped around for ages, and eventually downloaded one of Diahan's guides. It was super clear and helpful. I took the plunge and signed up for the course.

SO GOOD. Diahan is a born teacher. She's organised and witty and down to earth and whip-smart. The videos and the coursebook are highly professional but have a home-made quality that I love: hand crafted rather than corporate slick. Diahan's personality and humour infuses them. In just a few lessons I learned I'd been misreading my results and an entire theory that I had meticulously constructed was plainly wrong, helping me narrow my search significantly. I took advantage of the offer to take the course with some study buddies which a moderator arranged. We helped each other understand some core concepts, did some "citizen science" exploration of a mystery we're still working on, and I got to see just how useful this tool can be across some very different use cases.

I also learned a new magic trick: pasting FTDNA project spreadsheets into Google Sheets instead of Excel preserves the color coding and formatting! I never would have worked this out if it wasn't for the exercises Diahan set us for finding "best matches" and counting genetic distance. As a data geek, I knew there had to be a better way then eyeballing those tiny numbers on the FTDNA site, and there was! (Hint: Conditional Formatting is your friend!)

In short: take this course. I'm really glad I did.

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your experience . It's situations like yours that inspire us to provide our content!

Diahan talks like I listen!

Over the last few months, I have taken both the DNA Skills Workshop and the Y-DNA course with the goal of expanding my self-taught strategies. The classes were excellent, the format works very well for me because I can stop, go back and review at any time (even after the classes concluded)! Diahan talks like I listen. She also wrote her book, Your DNA Guide, in that same format. You don't just read it, you ask a question and it points you to the answer.
I had three DNA goals in mind when I took the courses. I have not yet solved any of them, but I have learned the skills I need so that if and when more testers show up in my results, I have the ability to work those clues. I love that the classwork will still be available to me when I want to go back and build another hypothesis or tree when new matches show up! DNA is changing constantly and this class format is fluid enough to keep up with the changes! Just today, I realized that I can explain DNA to other people and I had a question I emailed to Diahan and got an answer very quickly. I highly recommend both courses!

Thanks for your review! Congrats on all your progress! And of course please continue to reach out to us if you have any questions that come up!

YDNA Test Results

I learned a great deal about YDNA and how to analize the data but sadly anallyzing my 111 marker and BigY resuts did not answer the questions for me. I think the common ancestors are just too far back in time. i wish I had gotten into the DNA workshop but maybe next tiem. Also, do you have a course on mtDNA? I looked on the Academy web site but did not see one.

Thanks for a class well taught. I had fun learning and analizing data.

Thanks for your review! We don't currently have a mtDNA class, but we do have a mtDNA quick guide you can check out!