Your DNA Guide — the Book


If you don’t understand your DNA test results, they can’t help you with questions like: “Who is that DNA match?” or “Who are my birth relatives?” or “Who is my mystery ancestor that I’ve been trying to find for years?”

Your DNA Guide—the Book guides you through these and other common DNA questions. You simply pick a question, then follow a clear, step-by-step plan to explore it. Learn key DNA concepts on a need-to-know basis so you can stay focused on your question. Diahan Southard’s fun, easy-to-read writing sounds like she’s talking right to you. She is! Your DNA Guide—the Book empowers you to start making more confident and accurate DNA discoveries.

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Sandra Ristow

Your DNA Guide -- the Book

Samuel Brummett
Sam's DNA book review

I'm still trying to understand DNA stuff. As an old guy it is hard to put things in the right place. I found that I have my trees setup in Ancestry DNA wrong and need to get that right. I do like where you have the page numbers on the side, it is very helpful having them there. There is a lot for me to learn from the book.

Cheryl Carlson
Your DNA Guide--the Book

Easy to read and comprehend. With the book, I can now mark-up pages for easy reference and follow-up.

So glad you're enjoying the book!

Kenneth Pratt

I believe it helped me locate a best match for the Y chromosome. Hoping I can get one of them to take the Y-DNA test at

Isabelle Wells
Your DNA Guide - the Book

A very useful book. I can make notes on various pages, easily re-read marked areas, and can easily refer to a specific section for trying to identify a brick wall. It is helping me solve several question I have had.