Autosomal DNA For Genealogists - 2nd Edition

Autosomal DNA For Genealogists - 2nd Edition

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Autosomal DNA

All the ins and outs of autosomal DNA testing companies and answers to commonly asked questions about autosomal DNA test results! Topics include:

  • Is autosomal DNA testing for me? What autosomal DNA testing CAN’T do.

  • Which testing company should I choose? Exclusive table with side-by-side comparisons!

  • What choices you have in terms of privacy and participation in DNA matching or research.

  • What population groups are included in ethnicity results from each testing company?

  • Why to consider transferring your results to another website.

  • Using ethnicity results in genealogy research: why some relatives show up—and some may not—on your DNA match list.

  • Your DNA results checklist: a guided checklist to be sure you are noticing everything the testing company can tell you—and so you’ll notice what might be missing.