MyHeritage Quick Guide

MyHeritage Quick Guide


MyHeritage joined the autosomal DNA testing world in the fall of 2016. Since then, millions have tested or uploaded their results from other companies into their database.

They have many tools to try and data to gather. This guide will help you navigate the website and ensure that you won't miss a thing!

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Everything you need to know and nothing more about: MyHeritage

This guide covers the basics of MyHeritage: what you’ll see when you login, a detailed explanation of the tools on the match page, and pointers on how to use your ethnicity results.

  • Getting started with MyHeritage

  • How to link DNA results to a family tree

  • Understanding ethnicity estimates, including shared ethnicity

  • The DNA Overview page, with Locations and Ethnicities overview

  • Understanding the DNA matches page: reviewing matches, personal information, estimated relationships, DNA match quality, family tree details and notes

  • How to review matches: shared surnames, shared ancestral locations, shared matches, shared ethnicity, chromosome browser, contacting matches

  • Ethnicity Estimates