Breaking Down Brick Walls With DNA

Breaking Down Brick Walls With DNA


Once you know the basics for navigating your DNA test results, you need to learn the methodology behind actually finding ancestors using those results. This  guide delivers that information in clear, easy to understand language that will have you hot on the trail of that elusive ancestor!

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Breaking Down Brick Walls with DNA

For those who already know how to navigate their DNA testing website and find their best matches, learn in this guide what to do next to maximize the power of DNA testing in genealogy! In this guide, you’ll find:

·      How to leverage the power of known relatives who have tested;

·      A basic tutorial on chromosome browsers and their role in the search process;

·      Access to a free template for evaluating the genealogical relationship of a match in relationship to the predicted genetic relationship;

·      A methodology for converting unknown relatives on your DNA match list into known relatives!

With this guide in hand, genealogists will be prepared to take their DNA testing experience to the next level and make new discoveries about their ancestors and heritage.