Organize Your DNA Matches - 2nd Edition

Organize Your DNA Matches - 2nd Edition


Have hundreds of new DNA matches (read: cousins)? Here's how to keep them all straight.

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Organizing Your DNA Matches

With millions of people in possession of DNA test results—and many of us with DNA match lists in the thousands—many are wondering how to keep track of all this data to apply it in their family history. This guide will help budding genetic genealogists:

·      Centralize their point of contact with their matches from multiple testing companies

·      Familiarize them with Google Forms for tracking information, including providing a free link to a form template

·      Provide a brief overview of how to use the power of Google Earth in their genetic genealogy

·      Provide an introduction to spreadsheets

·      Review valuable third party tools and their contributions to the organizing effort

In short, this guide provides the foundation for managing DNA matches and correspondence! Invaluable for making sense of those 1000 fourth cousins!