There are just about a kazillion things you could read about genetic genealogy and how to make the most out of it. I have curated my favorites here for you, with the intent to distill the very most important, so you can move on with the actual DOING of genetic genealogy. 


Transfer your results

One of the best things you can do to maximize your genetic genealogy dollar is to transfer your results from one company to another. The very best currently is to test first with AncestryDNA, then transfer (for FREE!) into Family Tree DNA and MyHeritage.

For a full tutorial on how this is done, click below.


shared centimorgans

Centi-WHAT?! Centimorgan. It is a unit of measure for DNA. We can use these fantastic little numbers to better define our relationships with others. The Shared Centimorgan project was headed up by fellow genetic genealogist Blaine Bettinger, and lots of details are on his blog. 

I use this table every day in my genetic genealogy efforts, so I thought I would make myself a quick link to it here. I have also included a really fun tool by Jonny Perl that requires even less thinking!

MatchTracking 10.17.png

Match Tracking

If you have been doing this genetic genealogy thing for any amount of time, you know that you need to keep track of the people you have found. One way I keep track of people I know are related to me, or to each other, is using an excel spreadsheet. I go over how to use this in my Next Steps quick sheet, if you are looking for a bit of guidance.