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Cynthia Davis
Your DNA Guide - the book

I have only had time to thumb through it and read a couple of sections. I believe it will be very helpful in working through my list of ancestors and their matches

Lois Villarreal
Excited to use this book

So far I have glanced through the book. It looks like it’ll be very helpful for us to use.


Your DNA Guide -- the Book

Stephen Snyder
A Guide that’s Kin to a Rand McNally Atlas

When traveling across country using roadways it’s helpful to have a reliable guide by one’s side. This DNA guide book with its ‘step by step’ plans is the one to have at arms reach on that journey. Although I have only begun to follow the route laid out by the author, if my path is carefully plotted in accord with steps provided, it would seem to be a given that I’ll attain my desired goal. This straitforward guide is written in a crisp stepwise fashion that provides both the needed background and insights to attain the desired goal. I am not a newbie to the research required to build a family tree or to using DNA connections in that regard. What I have not done to date is to use a systematic approach in determining how my DNA relatives relate to me and to one another. This guidebook, even for a grizzled user of some twenty-plus years, should prove very helpful in arriving at that ultimate destination. Better late than never!!

We're so glad you're enjoying the book - thanks for a great review!

Rochelle Drouare
Your DNA Guide

A very easy read for me a page turner. can't wait to sit down with my sister
when we work on gt. grandfather last name unknown.