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Vera Hill

My reaction to the book was, "Wow! I didn't realize DNA was such a confusing subject."

Steven Richardson
Very Helpful Guide

I like the book so much that I gave it away, then had to buy another so that I could do the Ancestry course.
I'm still unclear on how to interpret X-chromosome matches. Maybe reading that chapter a few more times will help.

Sherry Bartels

I have found it helpful but haven’t solved my issue yet. Will keep trying.

Thanks for your review! We would love to help you along the way, feel free to shoot us an email with any of your questions!

Beverly Smaby

I love this book. It allows you to get right into your particular DNA challenge and learn what you need to know, as you need it. Plus, it has a very refreshing, accessible, and inviting style.

Thank you! We're glad to be a part of your DNA learning!

Janet Lancaster
A DNA Guide to an Initial Genealogical Search

I appreciate your honest/realistic comments about possible research results with DNA. The flipping from front to back spoiled my train of thought until I put tabs on some pages. The "What You Need to Know" should be part of the forward to the book. Many, but not all, of your in-depth explanations would better serve your learners if they were placed with the topic instead of in the back of the book. One reading just won't do it - I use it as a reference myself, and I plan to give a copy s a gift.

Thanks for your feedback, we will look into those changes for future revisions!