Genealogy Gift Ideas

Give someone the gift of discovery–or shop for yourself

What kind of gift do you have in mind?

Company: AncestryDNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage, Family Tree DNA, LivingDNA

Great for: Anyone with a missing parent, grandparent up to 2x great grandparent; Or your oldest generation family member. 

Not sure which test to buy? Check out our tips choosing a DNA test

Price: Holiday pricing starting as low as $59

Company: Family Tree DNA

Great For: Genetic males looking to document or learn more about their direct male line.

Price: Holiday pricing starting at $99 (reg. $119)

Company: Family Tree DNA

Great for: Anyone looking document or learn more about their direct female line.

Price: Holiday sale price is $129 (reg. $159)

Learn DNA/ Genealogy

Company: The Search Party

Great for: Anyone who has been curious about family history and needs concrete steps on how to go about doing it.

Price: $97

Company: Germanology Unlocked

Great for: Anyone with German ancestors. 

Price: $649

Legacy Family Tree Webinar Subscription

Company: Legacy Family Tree Webinars

For who: That special someone in your life that just can’t get enough genealogy learning. Membership includes unlimited access to Legacy Family Tree Webinar’s library of nearly 2000 pre-recorded webinars.

Price: $49.95

Company: Maureen Taylor – The Photo Detective

For who: Anyone with family pictures they’ve been trying to identify or learn more about.

Price: Special price for Your DNA Guide customers – only $69.98 (reg. $100)

Share Discoveries

Company Name: Family Chart Masters

For who: Your friends or family members that want an eye-catching way to display their family history.

Price: Varies

Company Name: Legacy Books

For who: Yourself or others who want to create a premium, keepsake-quality family history books.

Price: Varies

Keep Organized

LucidChart Subscription

Company: LucidChart

For who: That person in your life who’s always looking for the way to get – and stay- organized with their genealogical information. Read our full review of how to make the most of the features at LucidChart here

Price: Starting at $7.95

Curl up with a Good Book

Author: Nathan Dylan Goodwin

For who: Bookworms looking for their next genetic-genealogy inspired mystery.

Price: Starts at $5.49

Family Tree Magazine Subscription

Company Name: Family Tree  Magazine

For who: The family history learner who wants to keep updated on a little bit of everything related to genealogy.

Price: $20-$30