Learn to Do the DNA Step-by-Step at Your DNA Guide–the Academy

One-time DNA classes and webinars can kick-start your DNA education, but they don’t provide sustained support. Truly successful DNA learning requires TIME to process and PRACTICE to master the concepts. You need to build on your knowledge, with step-by-step instruction and practice. You need help when you get stuck–and sometimes a quick expert peek at your work.

Your DNA Guide—the Academy offers a more extensive, hands-on approach to a truly effective, confident genetic genealogy education. My students find DNA answers! Like missing birth relatives or ancestors—or at least connections that will eventually lead to them.

What People are Saying about Your DNA Guide Academy Experiences

LOVE, love, love your course! You’ve done it–made a Zoom course highly interactive with well-thought out examples….Just the right pace and your slides and visuals are always a joy to see.

Sandy Murray

I love having steps to follow and clear instructions on how to stay organized and on track.

Neva Adams

Excellent class with great graphics to illustrate points.

Harold Glenn

AWESOME as Diahan always is! I always learn something new. I continue to be in awe of her kindness in teaching skills. She encourages and motivates novices through experts with such style and grace. Her knowledge base is phenomenal.

Academy participant

Start with a Tour of Your DNA Testing Company

Learn to navigate your way confidently around your DNA test results so you’ll better understand what your DNA is telling you about your roots. Tours are just $29–but the insights you gain may be priceless! (Note: Tours do not include DNA testing itself.)


Dive into DNA | Live Coaching Experience

Watch a DNA expert in action! When you register, you can submit your own DNA question for possible use as a case study. Then show up on Zoom and watch Diahan explore some of your group’s questions during a lively 2-hour learning session. Ask questions and reinforce your learning so you can make more confident DNA discoveries.

DNA Skills Workshop | The Ultimate Masterclass

FINALLY master your DNA matches with this six-week autosomal DNA masterclass! Bring your DNA test results from AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, Family Tree DNA, Living DNA or 23andMe and learn to organize and analyze them to build your family tree, connect with living relatives and find answers to your family history mysteries.

YDNA for Genealogy Course

YDNA testing can reveal deep geographic origins and also genetic connections dating back much further than the 5 generations revealed by autosomal DNA. Learn to understand what your YDNA is telling you–and to use YDNA testing effectively to answer specific questions about paternal lines (recent or ancestral).

Endogamy & DNA Course

Endogamy complicates efforts to build family trees using DNA evidence. This course teaches productive, straightforward strategies for starting to address endogamy with your DNA matches.

I am so confident that my Workshops and Courses will make YOU more confident in using DNA for family history that I offer a money-back guarantee. If at the end of a Your DNA Guide Academy experience, you have fully participated but haven’t succeeded in this “using-DNA” thing, I will refund the full cost.

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