GEDmatch: Get Started—and Get Alternatives

GEDmatch is a free website for sharing and collaborating with DNA testers from multiple companies and for analyzing your DNA with their special tools.

If you are doing your personal genetic genealogy, you usually do not need GEDmatch. Furthermore, I don’t recommend it. There are better, more effective and more secure options.

Learn about them in our free downloadable guide: “3 Reasons You Don’t Need GEDmatch—and What To Do Instead.” Get the free download below:

One important take-away from the downloadable guide is that you’re much better off transferring your DNA to other testing companies and using all the tools and resources on testing company websites. (You can learn these skills in Your DNA Guide—the Book).

However, if you are interested in the advanced tools GEDmatch offers, then keep reading for how to get started.

If you are a member of law enforcement and you want to learn to use GEDmatch, click HERE.

How to get started on GEDmatch

1. Download your raw data from your DNA testing company. (Here’s how to download your raw DNA.)

2. Head over to and click on “New User.”

3. Fill out the required form.

4. Check your email for confirmation.

5. Add the code from your email to the GEDmatch site to complete registration.

6. In the File Uploads box, select your testing company: Ancestry, 23andMe or Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) Family Finder (see more on XDNA below). Note: If you have been tested at more than one company, there is no need to upload multiple sets of data. One is sufficient, and it doesn’t matter which.

7. Enter the required information. This first image is for FTDNA. The second for

(Similar fields for customers:)

8. If you tested with FTDNA, follow the same procedure to upload your XDNA data. First click on FTDNA X-DNA in the File Uploads menu. (Other testing companies, move on to Step 8.)

Then upload your X data, filling in the information as shown.

9. When your results are processed (which can take up to a few weeks), they will appear on your homepage in the box titled “Your DNA Resources.”

Did you get the free download on GEDmatch alternatives?

Even if you decide to use GEDmatch now, we encourage you to consider the reasons and alternate strategies in our free downloadable guide. If you didn’t get it already, here’s the form again: