I am excited to meet with you to help you better understand your DNA test results.

In order to meet together online, you need to access the Go To Meeting application from you computer.

I have outlined the basic steps below, but keep in mind things might look a wee bit different on your computer.

You can go ahead and start this process about 10 minutes before our meeting time. I will try to have the meeting up and running so we can get all of the bugs worked out before our start time. Don’t worry if you have some trouble, I am happy to talk you through it as well. You can reach me at 714.484.3344.

To begin, click on this link: www.gotomeet.me/yourDNAguide.


1. Click on Join Meeting.

2. You will be greeted by this friendly sign. Please enter your name.

3. Then this screen pops up and you are faced with a decision. If you want to use your phone to access the audio portion of our meeting, you can follow the instructions shown and then click on “OK, I’m all set!” But if your computer has a microphone and speakers (most do these days) then you can click on the “switch to the desktop version” link and follow the instructions below. Clicking on this link will download the Go To Meeting software to your computer. This takes less than a minute and is completely safe. Having the desktop version will also allow you to show me your screen, if that becomes necessary, and it allows you to control the mouse on my screen if you want to try navigating around the testing company websites with my help.

3b. Clicking on the “switch to the desktop version” link brings up this screen. Just click on Download.

3c. This will download the required software to wherever your computer usually downloads things. You can always find it in the Downloads folder on your computer’s hard drive. Below are two images I see when I download the software.

3d. Ultimately, you will want to double click on the download and let the installer do its thing.

4. Once you have installed the Go To Meeting Software, or clicked on “OK, I’m all set!” you will see the Go To Meeting application loading.

5. When you are connected your control panel will appear. Oftentimes you will have to click on Mic and Speakers under audio if you did not connect with your phone.

6. There will also be a second window that opens. This is where you will see my screen when I start sharing it with you. Sometimes this screen gets minimized to the bottom of your screen, or hidden behind another window you have open.


And that’s it! By this point you should be able to hear me, and I should be able to hear you.

If you have questions about Go To Meeting, or need additional support, you can go to http://www.gotomeeting.com/meeting/online-meeting-support.

There is also an instructional video you can watch (here). It says you shouldn’t use WiFi, but I have found that WiFi works just fine.