YDNA Webinars with Diahan Southard

Dead Men Tell No Tales: YDNA Stories

Thursday, December 28th at 2pm ET

What stories can dead men tell? Plenty! Come hear how YDNA reveals long-dead secrets and family connections. Treasures indeed!

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The live webinar lasts about 40 minutes, plus time for questions. You will receive access to a recording afterward (available for one week after the webinar), even if you can’t attend live. Live attendees receive a handout summarizing the talk and packed with “next steps” learning links and resources.

What People are Saying about Diahan’s Webinars

Thank you Diahan! Excellent presentation, useful information, and encouragement. I CAN DO THIS!

I learn something new every time I attend a webinar!

Fabulous & very helpful class. In plain language!

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