Your DNA Guide—the Workbook

The must-have companion to Your DNA Guidethe Book!

Your DNA Guide—the Book takes you step-by-step through the various ways of using DNA to answer questions about your origins. Now with Your DNA Guide—the Workbook, you can document and organize your findings, track your progress, and DO the DNA to unlock the full potential of your DNA journey!

What’s in the Workbook?

  • Spiral-bound and 80+ heavyweight pages
  • Track (and evaluate) research goals
  • Organize all test kit logins
  • Identify and track target testing candidates
  • Quick-reference worksheet for ancestral birth places
  • Checklist of steps for building quick and simple trees
  • Identify and track individual Best Mystery Matches
  • Log contact history with DNA matches
  • Identify and track Best Known Matches

  • Handy chart and process for checking genetics v. genealogy
  • Naming and color-coding genetic networks/match groups
  • Visual, step-by-step worksheets for splitting genetic networks
  • Tracking “Bottoms Up” method for splitting networks
  • Step-by-step tracking of your Leftover network to identify Best Mystery Matches
  • Finding generation of connection for Best Mystery Matches
  • WATO worksheets: checklist for proper use, track and analyze results
  • New research plan worksheet for next steps: genealogy

About the author

Diahan Southard is a globally-renowned genetic genealogy educator who has helped thousands of people use DNA. She has poured 20 years of experience into creating this self-guiding resource that can help everyone–but still customizes each person’s discovery path to meet their needs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Ellen Healy
Good helper

Love everything that Diahan creates and teaches!

Joan Syens
DNA Guide - The Workbook

I haven't had time to work with it yet, but what I looked at, I liked.

Thomas Iliffe
Your DNA Guide—The Workbook (Print Version)

Very useful guide to organize DNA research on my family tree

Carnell Gadson
Good Companion To Your DNA Guide

I have not gotten into the nuts and bolts of this book but knowing Diahan as I do, I can't think it's going to be worth the cost.


I have not received the workbook yet

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kathleen Gorrall

Your DNA Guide—The Bundle (Book + Workbook) Print Version

It's Audit Season

Sorry, but I haven't had chance to crack the book. It's been purchased for late Spring "down time".

Carol Edmond
Order for both.

I paid for the bundle but only received “the Workbook”. Please advise if there is supposed to be a separate “Book”.

Did not receive The Book in the Bundle.

I still have not received The Book!