Ancestry for Dogs | The Pet DNA Test to Find Canine Cousins

Ancestry for Dogs?

Yes. Tests of ancestry for dogs have been around for a while, but a new dog DNA test from Ancestry promises a game-changing twist: your dog’s test will come with a list of DNA matches–doggie cousins. For those who want to know more about their dog’s pedigree or family history, this is exciting!

Here at Your DNA Guide, we help HUMANS rebuild their family trees using clues they can learn from their DNA matches, or other testers who are related to them. But no dog DNA tests have included a list of matches until now. It’s early days–the test just launched–and the database will likely need to grow significantly before most dog testers find their canine cousins on their lists. And we have yet to see how the shared DNA component works with dog DNA. But it’s an exciting prospect! I expect to see additional fascinating clues in Kai’s breed mix report, which is similar to the ethnicity estimates that come with your human DNA test results.

I’m Diahan Southard, founder of Your DNA Guide, here with our dog, Kai. I’ve ordered a test for Kai and I’m anxiously awaiting results. I’ll be sharing our experience over on my social channels, so be sure you’re following me on Facebook or Instagram! Meanwhile I’ve popped the first few videos in below on ordering the test and completing it with our dog.

Meanwhile, here’s a little more of what we know about Ancestry’s Know Your Pet DNA test for dogs. It’s available in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. And here is what the kit registration and consent forms look like. As we get more information, I’ll keep you updated!