Three Reasons to Test

My youngest child, Eleanor, is nearly 8, so it was fun to have a 2 year old over the other day. She loved following Eleanor around, and Eleanor was equally thrilled to have someone to mentor in the ways of big girl play. I took special delight in listening to my daughter’s patient and surprisingly complete answers to our guest’s constant inquiries of “Why?” It got me thinking about the Whys of genealogy, and especially of genetic genealogy.

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Three Ways to Work DNA into Your Summer Plans

In my part of the world, we’re starting to think about summer—and summer holidays and travel and family get-togethers. Whatever season it is where YOU are, I’m guessing many of you will be part of family get-togethers or reunions in the coming months. So here are 3 tips on how to use DNA to get your family excited about family history.

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Three Scenarios for YDNA Testing

The Y chromosome DNA test, more affectionately referred to as the YDNA test, is the darling of the DNA testing industry. At least, I think so. In fact, of the three kinds of DNA tests, the YDNA is my favorite (but don’t tell the other two!). It has several excellent qualities that make it useful in many genealogical scenarios, but let’s look at three.

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The Gift of Family

At this time of year when many of us are spending more time with family than we otherwise might, we often reflect on the empty seats at our table. We think of those who weren't able to travel to the family gathering, and back to those who have passed on. For some however, a long empty seat has been filled this year, thanks to the assistance of a DNA test.

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Testing Companies--Call to Action

Dear Family Tree DNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage, and FindMyPast—

Please please please start putting your heads together and working together to come up with a product that could rival that of AncestryDNA.  We all know from basic economics that a monoploly usually only benefits one person or company. 

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23andMe and Health

What Does Bloom Syndrome Have To Do With You?

A direct-to-consumer genetic test is now the first of its kind to be available through 23andMe, according to letters recently received by 23andMe customers. The FDA-approved test is designed to check to see if you are a carrier for Bloom Syndrome, a disease most common among those of Jewish heritage.

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