FINALLY Understand Your AncestryDNA Results | Take the AncestryDNA Tour with Your DNA Guide

What do your AncestryDNA ethnicity maps and percentages mean? Who are those DNA matches? With our step-by-step, guided Tour, you’ll be CONFIDENTLY exploring answers in no time! 

Take your AncestryDNA test results from confusion to clarity

Everyone deserves to know who they are and where they come from. AncestryDNA testing can help. But when you don’t understand your results, it can be disappointing and frustrating. Instead of gaining confidence about your origins, you may feel more confused. Instead of being excited to share with family and friends, you hesitate. You may even feel like you wasted your money.

It’s not just you! With DNA, there’s a learning curve.

That’s why we created the AncestryDNA Tour. It’s an online learning experience that takes about 2-3 hours (you set the pace!). You’ll watch a series of short, easy video tutorials. You’ll fill in a colorful, interactive PDF workbook. These exercises and activities will help you understand the DNA concepts and apply them to your own results.

When you finish your AncestryDNA Tour, you’ll FINALLY better understand what your DNA is telling you about your roots. You’ll be more confident in your results and be better able to explain them to others. You’ll even start to see how, over time, your AncestryDNA test results may continue to help you connect with unknown relatives and ancestors.

Your instructor

This Tour has been created by Your DNA Guide Diahan Southard, a globally-renowned genetic genealogy educator. The self-paced modules with activities that reinforce your learning have been designed to give you a progressive, confident and thorough learning experience.

The AncestryDNA Tour with Your DNA Guide can be yours–or a friend’s–for the low price of $29! 

What comes with the AncestryDNA Tour:

  • An on-demand Tour experience (2-3 hours) so you can go at your own speed: start, stop, and come back if you need to, or re-watch whenever you want
  • Nearly 90 minutes of engaging video instruction segments so you can enjoy short, easy-to-learn segments
  • A colorful, 16-page, interactive, printable PDF workbook you can fill in–and which becomes a useful reference guide
  • Indefinite access to your Tour, with occasional updates as MORE exciting new tools or features are added to your AncestryDNA experience, so you can KEEP learning MORE of what your DNA can tell you
  • BONUS: A handy digital edition of the AncestryDNA Quick Reference Guide, with at-a-glance reference for the important tools and features you’ll want to visit on the site

What you’ll learn

Navigating Your DNA Story

  • How to navigate, understand and use your deeper ethnicity results
  • How to navigate, understand and use your recent ethnicity results, including those intriguing Genetic Communities, your DNA match locations, and Sideview ethnicity estimates for your parents
  • How to understand ongoing updates to your DNA ethnicity estimates

Navigating Your DNA Matches

  • An introduction to your DNA match list
  • How to navigate the match page and explore individual match profiles
  • What to do with your DNA match list: what it means and how to explore it 

Next Steps

  • How to use AncestryDNA’s ThruLines tool to help understand your relationships to your DNA matches
  • Now that you’re hooked on your fascinating results, what can you do next with them?
  • How to be sure your AncestryDNA settings reflect what you want them to be


Diahan was really good about explaining the basic science without dumbing it down too much. I loved that! This isn’t a ‘look-at’ video series–it’s a ‘stop-and-go-through-it’ experience. I already knew some things about AncestryDNA, but now I can connect all the dots and really understand what I’m doing there. 

Judie Greenhalgh

[Biggest win?] New tips and tricks to make DNA searches more interesting and do-able. Diahan is a fabulous teacher and cheerleader for anyone wanting to really get involved in DNA! Thanks a bunch! Fabulous class.

Carolyn Hennessee

Very informative. I am usually lost; not knowing what I was doing or looking at in the [AncestryDNA] site. I loved the links that take you to other resources: YouTube videos and all the extra stuff. Love how easy it was.

Ancestry Tour Participant

For about 4-5 years now I’ve been trying to wrap my head around DNA….And guess what? You came along with your AncestryDNA Tour and I am now ecstatically . . .DOING THE DNA HAPPY DANCE because I’M NOW DOING THE DNA! You make it all so simple – so easy. I felt like you were holding my hand and whispering, “You can do it, Susie . . . I know you can do this!”

Susie Haenisch

I learned so much in the AncestryDNA Tour! I am an old school ‘records-based’ genealogist. I had really not done much with the DNA results because it seemed too much like rocket science and work! Now I’m really glad I did and I feel a bit smarter. 

Cheryl McClellan

The AncestryDNA Tour will help you make sense of your DNA matches, and put you on the path to finding out how you connect with your DNA cousins.

Stacy Ryan Mangum

What technical requirements are necessary?

Your Tour takes place entirely online. You’ll need a reliable internet connection for streaming the video learning sessions and for additional learning on your own time. You’ll need access to AncestryDNA test results, which do not come with this Tour.

Why take your Tour now?

The sooner you learn to understand your AncestryDNA results, the sooner you can use them to make meaningful discoveries about who you are and where you came from. That low price makes it SO much easier to say YES!

Customer Reviews

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Zelda Taylor

Try to find out about my great grandfather William Taylor heritage born in Scotland

Mary Douglass
Best buy

Best investment I ever made in my genealogy!

Thanks for your glowing review! That is quite a compliment for us!

Well worth the time.

I have tested my DNA at Ancestry and found it very useful. I thought I had a full understanding in using the site and had coached other genealogist in using their DNA results at Ancestry. Diahan certainly showed me a few extra ways to make use of the tools as well as increasing my knowledge of how to use the results. Great course. It was easy to follow and fun using the workbook. A good reminder of what was learned.

Thanks Linda! I'm glad that you could get some new insight into your results! We love being part of these discoveries 🙂

wendy baker
DNA Guide

I found it very clear and helpful. Well worth doing.

Thanks for your review! I'm glad it was helpful to you!

The Ancestry DNA Tour is a great buy!

I have been an Ancestry subscriber since 1997. I thought I knew it all but taking Diahan’s course gave me many tips and tools to help me have a deeper understanding of Ancestry. It was definitely helpful in finding more family. The coursework is at your own pace and Diahan is always there to answer questions and offer suggestions.

So glad we were able to add some new insight into your results! Thanks for your review and good luck with your research going forward!