Dive into DNA with Diahan Southard

Watch. Learn. Have fun. Repeat.

You can improve any skill by watching an expert in action! So dive with Diahan Southard into actual DNA case studies during our live online group coaching events. When you register, you can submit your own DNA question for possible use as a case study. Then show up on Zoom and watch Diahan explore some of your questions in real time. It’s a lively 2-hour learning session to inspire your own DNA discoveries!

Your Dive into DNA event includes:

  • LIVE case studies: Real-time coaching through REAL questions
  • 2 hours: Just the right amount of time to be immersed, but not overwhelmed
  • A recording: You’ll have a week to rewatch and review the event as many times as you like
  • Live ​Q&A: A chance to ask your questions, and learn from the questions of others
  • ​Sneak peek: This is the SAME methodology Diahan uses in the popular DNA Skills Workshop. You’ll see the kinds of questions that can be addressed and how.

What others are saying about Dive into DNA events

I really enjoyed this Dive. It really helped me to understand the process better. Every time I watch the process, a little more of it soaks in.
Kevin Tuvim

I loved the whole session and would gladly have sat there twice as long to get more information.
Sharon Nissen

Dive into DNA is an excellent idea and Diahan certainly knows her stuff. I learn a little more every time I participate in one of her webinars.
Dani Crossley

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Money-back guarantee. We are so confident that you will gain insight and inspiration from the Dive events that we are offering you a full money-back guarantee if you don’t walk away with new ideas on how to move forward in your genetic genealogy journey.