Ethnicity Results

DNA testing companies and Ethnicity Results

All DNA testing companies provide you with ethnicity results.

Ethnicity results give you estimated percentages of where your ancestors may have come from.

Here are some important things to remember when looking at your ethnicity results:


These are just an estimate and are not 100% accurate. (Here’s how to use those confidence levels in your report to increase accuracy.) Your DNA ethnicity results will also keep changing over time. It is possible to request a second opinion of your DNA ethnicity, though!



DNA Testing Company Ethnicity Comparison icon

Each testing company calculates their ethnicity estimates differently, so your results from two different companies will be different. Why would that be the case? Because they calculate your ethnicity using different algorithms and different reference populations.



DNA ethnicity results between siblings will be different

You inherit different DNA than other children in your family (unless you are identical twins) This means that DNA ethnicity results between siblings will be different!