DNA Quick Reference Guides


Everything you need to know and nothing more about genetic genealogy.

These guides are four laminated pages in plain English, that will give you exactly the information you need to start using your DNA in your family history research.

There are currently 10 guides available:

  • YDNA (updated Feb. ‘18)

  • mtDNA (updated Feb. ‘18)

  • Autosomal DNA- 2nd Edition (updated Feb. ‘19)

  • A Guide To 23andMe - 2nd Edition (updated Feb. ‘19)

  • A Guide To AncestryDNA - 2nd Edition (updated Feb. ‘18)

  • A Guide To Family Tree DNA’s Family Finder - 2nd Edition (updated Feb. ‘19)

  • A Guide To MyHeritage DNA (updated Feb. ‘19)

  • Breaking Down Brick Walls With DNA (updated Feb. ‘18)

  • Organizing Your DNA Matches (updated Feb. ‘18)

  • DNA Third Party Tools (updated Feb. ‘19)

The guides are also available as a digital download bundle.

“These products are such a great addition to my research!” —Nick

“Excellent materials for reference use!” —Mary