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There is power in knowing who you are and where you came from. And there is power in making those discoveries yourself through DNA testing. We believe you CAN do it. Scroll down to watch FREE DNA classes at RootsTech by our founder and CEO, Diahan Southard.

What happens when you do all the right things with your DNA matches and you still get messy results? In this slightly complicated case study, you’ll see what unexpected parentage for two generations did to the DNA analysis–especially when the unexpected parent was actually a member of the expected parent’s family (did you follow that? I KNOW. So complicated). Come see how DNA finally–eventually–ironed out this wrinkly family tree.

Enjoy these stories from key voices and visionaries in the world of DNA
testing for family history. Collectively, they reflect on how DNA discoveries
have opened a Pandora’s box; celebrate progress; speculate on the future;
and consider how the field has impacted their own lives.

Our Tours help you explore answers in your DNA test results. What do ethnicity maps and percentages really mean? Who are those DNA matches? What additional insights can your results give you about your roots? With our step-by-step, guided Tour, you’ll be CONFIDENTLY exploring answers in no time! For AncestryDNA, MyHeritage DNA, 23andMe and Family Tree DNA (Family Finder Tour).

Get DNA answers with the ultimate step-by-step DNA manual! Find relatives. Figure out who your DNA matches are. Identify unknown ancestors. Make sense of ethnicity results. Your DNA Guide—the Book takes you through the process in plain English. Use the companion Workbook for an even more powerful experience. Learn more about Your DNA Guide–the Book and Workbook.

You Can DO the DNA! FREE Series by Diahan Southard

Whether you haven’t taken a DNA test or you did but got discouraged and abandoned the effort, it’s time to take another look.

Everyone wants to love their ethnicity estimates. But many people don’t have faith or confidence that their estimates are any good. You have questions. I have answers.

Whether you have many autosomal DNA matches or few, all you need is to find the RIGHT matches to ignite your DNA discoveries.

What can genetic genealogy really DO for your family history? Come and see real life examples

What happens when you do all the right things with your DNA matches and you still get messy results?