SPIN Process with Your DNA Guide

You may be asking yourself how we can offer a 100% money back guarantee on the Your DNA Guide Academy Workshops and Courses. It is because we are 100% confident in the process we follow.

Our proven SPIN process can be followed time and again to yield results and build confidence. AND we make it fun! The SPIN process—combined with our signature style, fun analogies and colorful visuals—makes for an enjoyable, lasting learning experience.

What is this SPIN process? I’m glad you asked. SPIN is built on 4 core principles: study, practice, implement and next steps. Sounds easy enough, right? Let me explain how this all works.


DNA strategies and lesson material are presented in a series of shorter, easily-digestible videos in which students are guided through the educational foundation. Students watch the videos and explore the additional resources to build their understanding of the concepts. Many people like to watch the videos more than once just to be sure the principles stick. We provide lifetime access to the course material to facilitate the repetition (as well as transcripts for each video).


Classwork, homework and often case studies are provided for each lesson for the students to complete. This provides students with an opportunity to practice the skills they are learning to ensure the concepts “sink in” and produce the desired skill.


This is the fun part! Research Logs provide an opportunity to take what students are studying and practicing in class and implement the concepts in their own personal research goals. This can be tricky, as their research situations may be slightly different than the classwork and homework. The key is to identify the key principles and apply them to one’s own research systematically. If someone gets stuck, discussion boards for posting questions and buddy groups exist to talk out the situation and gain the perspective of other genetic genealogists.


There is only so much DNA can tell you at any given time. Once you’ve made all the progress you can with your current matches, tree information, and analysis tools, you’ll need to evaluate what to do next to make progress. Students will learn about lots of different options, and how to choose what to do to continue their unique DNA journey.

In the DNA Skills Workshop and our growing body of Courses, the SPIN process helps cement what’s being learned. Our students who have taken the DNA Skills Workshop have found great success in learning and implementing our proven SPIN process. I am confident you will as well.