obtaining your data from FTDNA.

There are all kinds of fun things you might want to do with your raw data.  Here's how you get at it, in case you want it.

1. Login to FTDNA.

2. FTDNA actually has two menus to help you navigate their site.  You can access your raw data from your landing page, under your Family Finder results, as shown here:

or from the FTNDA menu after you have logged in, as shown here:

3. In the download menu you want to choose Build 37. Just click on the arrow and the file will be downloaded to your default download folder. You will need to download the main file as well as the X chromosome file. Don’t try to open it or rename it. You can move it to a location where you will be able to easily find it.

Now you are ready to:

Transfer to Gedmatch. Click below.

Happy Cousin hunting!