Your DNA Guide—the Webinar

with Diahan Southard

YDNA Q&A | July 7 at 2:00 pm ET!

Maybe you’re not sure how YDNA might help your current genealogy question. Maybe you want to know whom to test. You might be wondering how to work with your YDNA matches or what good your haplogroup information is. Register for this Q&A with Diahan Southard. You’ll receive a chance to submit your questions ahead of time–or just bring your questions to this free online event. Diahan will answer as many as possible!

What People are Saying about Diahan’s Webinars

Thank you Diahan! Excellent presentation, useful information, and encouragement. I CAN DO THIS!


I learn something new every time I attend a webinar!


Fabulous & very helpful class. In plain language!