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What is GEDmatch?

GEDmatch is an online service used to compare a user’s autosomal DNA to other DNA samples from different testing companies. Launched in 2010, the intent behind the project was to help “amateur and professional researchers and genealogists” find additional DNA matches who may have tested at other companies but who also shared their results with GEDmatch. GEDmatch made the news in 2018 after it was used by law enforcement to identify a suspect in the Golden State Killer case in California.

Should I Use Gedmatch?

If you are doing your personal genetic genealogy, you usually do not need GEDmatch. Furthermore, we don’t recommend it here at Your DNA Guide. There are better, more effective and more secure options. You’re much better off transferring your DNA to other testing companies and using all the tools and resources on testing company websites. Learn more about GEDmatch alternatives in my free guide.

How Do I Use GEDmatch?

If you still are interested in using GEDmatch, download your raw DNA file from one of the major autosomal testing companies (Ancestry, 23andMe, etc.) Upload your results to the online GEDmatch website. Once you have uploaded your results you will be able to access the free tools.

What GEDmatch Tools are Free?

There are three free tools available to anyone who makes an account with GEDmatch: the One-to-many DNA comparison Result, the One-to-One Autosomal DNA Comparison Tool and the Admixture or Heritage Tool. The One-to-Many comparison result tool compares your genetic profiles to all other GEDmatch members, while the One-to-One autosomal DNA comparison tool allows users to compare their DNA profile to that of another specific user to analyze how much DNA is shared. The Admixture tool allows customers to see the percentages of each ethnicity in their DNA.

Which GEDmatch tools cost money?

If you would like to purchase the premium version of GEDmatch, over 45 new tools will become available for your use in exploring your DNA. Among these tools are Segment Search, which allows users to search for specific DNA segments in order to locate groups that may share common ancestors, and the Cluster tool which groups your matches into clusters that are most likely to descend from a recent common ancestor. Another tool that is useful in some situations is the Are Your Parents Related tool.

How much does GEDmatch cost?

As mentioned above, GEDmatch is a free online platform that anyone can use provided they have autosomal DNA test results. To purchase the premium “Tier 1” subscription to GEDmatch with the additional tools, it costs $10 USD per month. 

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