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What is Y-DNA?

Definition of YDNA

As the name suggests, Y-DNA deals with the male Y-Chromosome. Like mtDNA, Y-DNA is separate from the parts of your DNA created through the recombination of your parents’ DNA. Y-DNA can only be found in genetic males. A Y-DNA test can be used to trace a patrilineal line back thousands of years to find your ancient haplogroup, or your deep paternal-line branch on the human family tree.

Why is Y-DNA Important?

As the Y-chromosome can be passed down from father to son with very few genetic mutations, it’s possible to track that chromosome all the way back to the first traceable Y-chromosome in Africa roughly 236,000 years ago! Due to genetic drift, scientists are able to track bottlenecks where mutations occurred, allowing you to trace migratory patterns and will allow you to follow your ancestor’s journey out of the cradle of humanity.

Y-DNA Testing

Which YDNA Testing Company Should I Use?

The only company that offers YDNA testing for genealogy is Family Tree DNA. Learn more about YDNA testing at Family Tree DNA.

How Much Does YDNA Testing Cost?

The cost of YDNA testing depends on how many markers you choose to test. Learn more about how many markers you should test, depending on your goals.

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